‘The Pink Panther’ to win another reboot with ‘Sonic – The Movie’ director

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jeff Fowler, who made a lot of noise with live-action “Sonic”, has been hired to bring another iconic animated character to the big screens: “The Pink Panther”.

The film will be under MGM supervision and will star Chris Bremner (“Bad Boys Forever”) to sign the screenplay.

Reports indicate that the feature film will follow the style of “Sonic – The Movie” and combine animation and live-action. The main character will be animated in 3D.

In the new reboot, both human characters and animated elements will be present. The premise states that, “after a traumatic event, a problematic inspector begins to see an imaginary pink panther who helps him solve several cases.”

For those who are not familiar, “The Pink Panther” is a British and American media franchise starring an incompetent French police detective named Jacques Clouseau.

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The first film was released in 1963 and starred Peter Sellers in the lead role. The success was so great that it resulted in no less than eight sequences and one reboot, the latter consisting of two chapters and starring Steve Martin (who went on to become a box office and a critical failure).

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