‘The Powerful Boss 2’ surprises, grosses US $ 23 million at US box office

The sequel “The Godfather 2: Family Business” surprised the US box office, grossing $ 23 million over the extended weekend.

The feature debuted in second place, behind blockbuster “The Fast and the Furious 9,” which grossed $ 32.7 million in its second weekend in the country.

“The Powerful Boss 2” was released simultaneously on Peacock’s streaming service, which doesn’t appear to have detracted from its performance on the big screen.

It’s worth remembering that the animation got 61% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, receiving praise for its satires and even for adding new characters, which helped flesh out the plot.

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“‘Family Business’ manages to improve considerably over its predecessor, with the help of an experienced cast and surprisingly punctual social satire.” – Thomas Floyd, Washington Post

“This chapter doesn’t stray too far from the previous film, both in its handful of qualities and in its many flaws.” – Carlos Aguilar, TheWrap

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“It’s more or less the same, for better or for worse, but probably with enough charm – especially these new characters – to appeal to younger fans.” -Michael Ordoña, Los Angeles Times

“So they did a sequel to ‘The Godfather’…” – Andrew Barker, Variety

“‘The Almighty Boss 2’ manages to turn candy-coated madness into genuine laughter and doesn’t make parents suck in the end.” – Nate Adams, the only critic

“A more colorful and elastic sense of fun for the characters and their return to childhood, which luckily is more enjoyable the second time around.” – Brian Orndorf, Blu-ray.com

The film is directed by Tom McGrath.

The Mighty Boss 2 is the sequel to the story of a talking baby who wears a costume, carries a mysterious briefcase, and doesn’t hesitate to complete missions with global effect.

Jeff Goldblum, James Marsden and Eva Longoria have been confirmed in the sequel and will be voicing the entertainment.

Marsden and Longoria will voice the parents of Tabitha, a 7-year-old girl who idolizes Ted and has a genius IQ. Goldblum will be the voice of the principal of the school that Tabitha attends.

Alec Baldwin returns to voice the protagonist.

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