The project of FIN with the half-price ticket is opposed by the government of SP

The São Paulo government has vetoed the bill that called for an end to half-price tickets to cinemas and cultural events for students and the elderly.

The veto was signed by the president of the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo, MP Carlão Pignatari (PSDB), who is acting governor due to the trip of João Doria (PSDB) abroad.

The president of Alesp has declared that the project is unconstitutional, since federal law guarantees the right to the benefit.

“The bill, by prohibiting establishments from establishing maximum quotas for half-price tickets, as well as by prohibiting the granting of half-price tickets for specific categories of tickets (article 2), n Nor does it comply with federal law, which ensures the benefit of 40% of the total tickets available for each event. It was concluded that the case is sufficiently disciplined at the federal level, and that the project is incompatible with the general rules issued by the Union.

The half-price policy was put in place in 2013 and concerns students, people with disabilities and low-income young people, aged 15 to 29. For the elderly, this right has existed since 2003 and is enshrined in the Statute for the Elderly.

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