“The Purest Truth”: Netflix Series Starring Wesley Snipes and Kevin Hart Now Available on Netflix

The “True Story” miniseries, starring Wesley Snipes and Kevin Hart, is now available on Netflix. The production debuted this Wednesday (24) in the calendar.

The miniseries features Hart playing “a version of himself” in the fictional miniseries. The plot follows his character, called Kid, and his older brother, Carlton, who will be played by Snipes.

In the plot, a tour of Kid’s hometown of Philadelphia becomes a matter of life and death for one of the world’s most famous comedians, when the consequences of a lost night with his rebellious older brother threaten. to destroy everything he has built “.

Watch the trailer:

Eric Newman (‘Narcos’) assumes the role of executive producer on the project, which is also being developed in partnership with HartBeat Production, the producer of Hart.

The episodes are directed by Stephen Williams (“Watchmen”, “Lost”) and Hanelle Culpepper (“Star Trek Picard”, “Kung Fu”).

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