The recent series that Netflix CANCELED in 2021

Being the # 1 streaming platform in the world has its pros and cons. All the more so if you take into account the growing number of competitors in the market that are falling on you. The second place, Amazon, is approaching in number of subscribers celebrating the 200 million mark in 2021. This year, Disney + and HBO Max also arrived in Brazil to claim their place in the sun, competing at the same time with the collections of Marvel, Star Wars, DC and Warner.

Foreseeing what would be the way to watch audiovisual productions in the future (which happened too quickly) and our very relationship with television – more and more classic channels are giving way to streaming – Netflix decided to bet on its own productions. And right away he opened the door with high quality premieres, see Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. The popularity of the Netflix original series continues today with some of the hottest pop works on television, seeing Stranger Things and The Crown – not to mention the phenomenon that was The Queen’s Gambit and even domestic productions like Good Morning. , Veronica.

However, for every goal Netflix scores with its audience, so many attempts end up hitting the crossbar. Apparently, what pushes the platform to renew a program for new seasons is not measured only by its audience, but by the ability of certain series to capture new subscribers for the platform. Which, as said, the series mentioned above have, and Amazon has with The Boys, for example. This is why we often see Netflix cancel this series that we love so much and which sometimes has a large number of fans and viewers.

With this in mind, how the Red N platform “often destroys our dreams”, we have decided to bring this new article commenting on the last batch of programs promptly canceled by Netflix in this first half of 2021. Some have been released very recently, but this for didn’t achieve what they expected, they ended up with only one season of their own. Find out below.

Netflix’s big bet to be its Stranger Things-level new pet series, Jupiter’s Legacy was the company’s response to Amazon’s success, The Boys. Here, Netflix invested in its own superhero series, which spoke about two generations of a family of powerful heroes and the differences in challenges in their different eras as an actor. The show was created by Steven S. DeKnight (producer of Smallville and Daredevil, also on Netflix) and just opened on May 7. It is precisely for this reason that the news of the cancellation, after only 8 episodes, took everyone by surprise. After the cancellation, the protagonist, actor Josh Duhamel, stung the platform, “selling” the series to rival Hulu.

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An ambitious Netflix production that reinvents the story of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. Here, the couple are just behind the scenes, commanding (or rather forcing) a group of street children (the irregulars in the title) to unravel complex crimes and cases in Victorian-era England. Premiered in March 2021, the series had only 8 episodes of its first season when the company announced its cancellation. The fact generated a lot of commotion on social media, as the program had already gained its fan base. The most recognizable name in the cast was Rory McCann, “the dog” from HBO’s popular Game of Thrones series.

It was another whose recent cancellation made fans out of their utter unhappiness on social media. This is how the studios become aware of the large number of viewers that a given program has, when its cancellation causes a real stir. Originally titled Bonding, this jovial comedy stars a New York college student who decides to work in the moonlight at night as a ‘dominatrix’ and ends up enlisting her gay best friend to be her assistant in the controversial job. . Sorrowful Friendship is not such a recent series, it debuted in 2018, but aired its second season in January 2021 and ended up being canceled with just 15 episodes.

Another popular show, Professor Iglesias (Mr. Iglesias) was one of the oldest canceled series recently, with a total of 3 seasons and 22 episodes. The comedy features the routine of a good-natured, plump, and very good-natured teacher (Gabriel Iglesias) and his relationship with talented but problematic and selfless students. The show premiered in 2019 and was canceled after its third season late last year.

With a total “cowboy soul”, this very country series features the charismatic Katharine McPhee (Scorpion: Intelligence Service and Smash) as Bailey, a young aspiring singer from “sertaneja” (American country). . The young girl then finds the job of her dreams when she becomes a nanny for a family with a great talent for music, a patriarch and their five children. If you weren’t already connected by the theme, the show was created by the same Caryn Lucas from the ’90s classic, The Nanny (1995-1999). Family in Concert premiered in March 2021 and only lasted 10 episodes.

With the original title The Crew, this comic book series had great potential and a leading name. Comedian Kevin James is successful with his films in the cinema and has already left his mark on the small screen, notably with his revelation in The King of Queens (1998-2007). Here he is the lure to lead an auto racing team at NASCAR, America’s premier auto event. Everything changes when the young daughter of the team owner takes the reins of the team. The show debuted in February 2021 and despite the promise, only 10 episodes remained from the first season.

A comedy drama, the program was sort of a Netflix response to Fleabag, an Amazonian satirical series created and starring Briton Phoebe Waller-Bridge. In The Duchess, another Briton takes on the roles of creator and protagonist of a program with very feminine issues. Katherine Ryan is actually Canadian, but predominantly English, and on the show, a single mother struggles to raise her daughter in London. The show debuted in September 2020. However, it was recently announced that it would be canceled after a single 6-episode season.

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