‘The Reckoning’: young man accused of witchcraft in trailer for new horror from director of ‘Abyss of Fear’

RLJEFilms has released the first trailer for ‘The Reckoning’, Neil Marshall’s new horror (‘Abyss of Fear’), marking his return to the genre since directing ‘Tales of Halloween’ (2015).

Starring Charlotte Kirk, the film will be released digitally on February 5 in the US.

Check out the trailer:

The feature film, set in 1665, will explore a “terrifying time in history”, with the Black Death and the witch hunt in England as a backdrop.

Enjoy watching:

The plot follows Evelyn Haverstock (Kirk), a young widow, haunted by the recent suicide of her husband Joseph, who is falsely accused of being a witch by her owner after rejecting her unwanted advances.

The cast also includes Joe Anderson, Steven Waddington, Sean Pertwee, Matt Ryan, Ian White and Emma Holzer.

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