“The Residential School: Las Cumbres”: Amazon’s Thriller Series Receives Dark Individual Posters; Check!

The thriller series ‘The Boarding School: Las Cumbres’ debuts on February 19, and Amazon Prime has released the first individual posters, highlighting the main characters of the attraction.

Considering the expressions of terror and awe on their faces, it seems like something very intriguing is happening.


Enjoy watching:

The thriller series takes place at a boarding school called Laguna Negra. There, six students intersect with dark secrets that took place at the school – and face demonic forces hidden in the surrounding area.

Check out the teaser and the trailer:

Prepare the throat for so many cries that I will give. #OInternato: Las Cumbres pic.twitter.com/UjBRAF4mRJ

– Amazon Prime Video Brasil (@PrimeVideoBR) February 7, 2021

With eight episodes, the production stars Asia Ortega (Les de l’Hoquei), Albert Salazar (AKA), Daniel Arias (Cuéntame), Daniela Rubio (La caza. Monteperdido), Claudia Riera (Les de l’Hoquei), Paula del Río (El desconocido), Gonzalo Díez (7 days), Carlos Alcaide (Libertad), Sara Balerdi (The invisible line) and Francisca Aronsson (Hotel Paraíso).

Read the official synopsis below:

“The boarding school: Las Cumbres” takes place in a boarding school next to a former monastery, located in the mountains and completely isolated from the outside world. The students, rebellious and difficult children, live under the strict discipline of the school which will prepare them for reintegration into society. The forest surrounding the boarding school is home to ancient legends and timeless threats that still strike students as they experience exciting and terrifying adventures.

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