‘The Simpsons’ Gets Amazing New Collection In Funko POP

The famous series “The Simpsons” has won a new collection of Funko POP collectibles. The new product line includes several highlighted support characters and even comes in smaller formats, such as key chains.

The collection includes characters such as Duffman, Itchy and Scratchy, Mr. Plow and more.

Large collectibles are on sale on Amazon’s website and Entertainment Earth, both with international shipping.


Recently, the producers of the acclaimed animation “The Simpsons” took a stand on involving white actors in the dubbing of the colorful characters in their series.

And after intense controversy involving Apu character Nahasapeemapetilon – voiced for years by actor Hank Azaria (“ Friends ”) -, still in 2017 and 2018, a definite decision was finally made, with producers saying they will no longer put white actors voicing characters. color your series:

“Moving on, The Simpsons will no longer get white actors to voice non-white characters,” the statement said.

The decision comes in the context of a series of positions taken by other producers and voice actors of animated series, who – finally – have started to reflect on the lack of representativeness of their productions and the error of updating. the excessive scale of their colorful characters, which often bring white actors voicing non-Caucasian characters.

Against this background, Jenny Slate left the biracial role she played in Netflix’s ‘Big Mouth’ series, as did actress Kristen Bell – who was one of the voice actors on Apple TV + “ Central Park ”. Actor Mike Henry has announced that he will no longer play the African-American character Cleveland from the ‘Family Guy’ series, a role that has provided a voice for two decades.

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