“The Sleepless Unrest”: The Stay-at-Home Band That Inspired “Invocation of Evil” in a New Documentary; Watch the trailer!

A courageous group of filmmakers decided to stay in the house that inspired the movie ‘Invocation of Evil’, to shoot a tense documentary, titled ‘The Sleepless Unrest’.

And the production, which also aims to investigate the famous and haunted site, has gotten its first spooky trailer (airing exclusively on Bloody Disgusting), which suggests some dark and mysterious protests seem to be taking over theaters.

It should be remembered that the famous haunted house that inspired the horror film franchise has recently been sold and is now open to paranormal investigation.

Check out the trailer:

Check out the official synopsis:

“Filmmakers Vera and Kendall Whelpton, along with their fellow paranormal investigators Richel Stratton and Brian Murray, dive deep into the experience, hoping to capture real and paranormal evidence day and night. The team will investigate and document the house best known to have been the scene of an exorcism gone awry and possible demonic possession.

The feature will have its premiere date on July 16.

Make sure to watch:

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