The star of ‘Bacurau’ will be CLODOVIL in the series about the famous stylist

According to the Pipocas Club website, actor Silvero Pereira, known for his work in the recent feature film ‘Bacurau’, will bring famous stylist and politician Clodovil Hernandes to life in a new series produced by Paramount + Brasil.

Still without much information revealed, we know that the production will be directed by Rodrigo Cesar and the screenplay signed by Fernando Ceylão.

The story is based on the non-fiction novel ‘Tons de Clô’, signed by Carlos Minuano.

Check out the official synopsis below (via Editora Record):

“Clodovil Hernandes was the most popular stylist of his generation, he presented programs on several channels such as Rede Globo, Rede Bandeirantes, RedeTV and Rede Manchete, and in the last years of his life he invested in his political career , becoming the first openly gay MP and the fourth most voted in the country in 2006.

This biography covers from Clodovil’s childhood until his death, and is the result of extensive research based on reports from people who worked and lived with him. In this book, Carlos Minuano sets out to tell the story of a complex man, endowed with an acid personality, who, during his life, collected enmities and controversies, but who, through his talent and creativity , lived surrounded by celebrities and many Lux “.

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The announcement was also made by Pereira himself on social media.

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No other information was released.

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