“The Suspicion”: Thriller with Gloria Pires to be released in 2022; Discover the new clip!

Imagem Filmes has released a new music video for the thriller ‘A Suspeita’, starring Gloria Pires.

Additionally, it has been confirmed that the feature will hit theaters on May 12.

Check out the clip:

Pedro Peregrino is responsible for the management.

Lúcia (Pires) is an exemplary intelligence commissioner of the Rio de Janeiro civil police who, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, begins to articulate her retirement. During the investigation of what would be her last case, she discovers a ploy of which she becomes suspect. Between the progress of the investigations and the blackouts, Lucia will now have to fight for her life.

Enjoy watching:

The cast also includes Gustavo Machado, Bukassa Kabengele, Daniel Bouzas, Júlia Gorman, Joelson Medeiros, Kizi Vaz, Paulo Vespucci, Genézio de Barros and Alexandre Rosa Moreno.

Make sure you watch:

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