‘The Terminator 2’ would have a very different villain, reveals James Cameron

In an interview with The Ringer, legendary director and director James Cameron celebrated the 30th anniversary of the famous “The Terminator 2: The Final Judgment” and took the opportunity to reveal some details of the first version of the feature film, commenting even this star. Arnold Schwarzenegger would present himself as the bad guy and the good guy.

“When I first designed the story, I divided it into two parts. In the former, Skynet would send a cyborg with a metal endoskeleton and the good guys would send the shield. The protector threw it under a truck or between a large metal structure. And then, in the future, they would see the time shifts progressing towards them. They still wouldn’t win the battle.

The idea was eventually scrapped after co-author William Wisher said Schwarzenegger fighting himself would be “boring.” Ultimately, Robert Patrick was brought in as the T-1000 antagonist.

During the same interview, Cameron commented on the main elements of the film and confessed that he was under the influence of hard drugs when he designed the first drafts.

It all started when he was listening to a song by the singer and decided to increase his perception by using ecstasy pills.

“I remember sitting down to write the script for ‘The Terminator 2’ while listening to ‘Russians’ on ecstasy, I was impressed with this song, especially in the part where he sings:’ Hope the Russians love your kids too. ‘I thought,’ You know what? The idea of ​​nuclear war is so antithetical to life itself. That’s where the boy came from. [John Connor]. “

The critically acclaimed film was also a huge box office hit, grossing $ 520 million worldwide (the highest in the year it was released). In addition, she has won numerous awards, including four Oscar statuettes.

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