“The Tourist”: Jamie Dornan wakes up with amnesia in the trailer for the suspenseful series; To concern!

The BBC released the first trailer for the thriller “The Tourist”, starring Jamie Dornan (“50 Shades of Gray”).

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Production will officially begin on January 1.

The plot follows a Briton (Dornan) who finds himself in the heart of the Australian outback, pursued by an oil tanker who tries to remove him from the road. After an epic chase, the man wakes up in the hospital, injured but alive. Except he has no idea who he is. Pursued by ruthless characters from his past, the man searches for the stranger, which leads him on a quest into the country’s relentless wilderness.

The cast also includes Danielle Macdonald (“Bird Box”), Shalom Brune-Franklin (“Cursed: The Legend of the Lake”) and Hugo Weaving (“Matrix”).

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The series has the same producers as “Fleabag” and “The Missing”.

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