“The Watcher”: Naomi Watts to star in Ryan Murphy’s new mini-thriller series

According to Deadline, Naomi Watts (“The Call”) will star in Ryan Murphy’s new thriller mini-series (“American Horror Story”), titled “The Watcher,” which is in development for Netflix.

Bobby Cannavale (‘Ant-Man’) will also star in the production.

The plot, based on a scary real-life case that took place in 2015, revolves around a family buying a new house and starting to receive threats from a sinister guy, who calls themselves “The Observer”.

Netflix acquired the rights to the story in 2018 and was initially developing the project as a feature film.

Ian Brennan (‘Glee’) will co-create the series and serve as a producer alongside Murphy.

The series is inspired by a real troubling case that happened in New Jersey. A couple bought a house in 2014 for almost $ 1.4 million, but were forced to flee their new home because of spooky letters from the Watcher, who claimed to have “watched” the house for decades. “I am the Observer. Give me your young blood, ”read one of the notes. The family put the house back on the market. It was not sold, but they managed to rent it. In 2017, the tenant also received a sinister letter from the Observer, threatening his life. The house was sold in 2019 for US $ 959,000. The identity of the Observer remains a mystery to this day.

The duo Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, who would initially direct the film, will be the executive producers.

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