The werewolves play terror in the “Full Moon” trailer; Check it out!

The “Full Moon” horror has a captioned trailer.


Josh Ridgway is responsible for the direction.

When a group of werewolves awaken from the grave and attack a group of motorcyclists, a trail of blood and death appears where they pass. They leave for a small town and plan to establish a reign of terror there. The only person who can avoid this is a gunslinger who also resurrects from the dead and knows how to beat the pack. But he will have to convince the sheriff and his new friends that the threat they face is truly something supernatural and murderous.

The cast includes Sean Patrick Flanery, Chad Michael Collins, Chelsea Edmundson, James Wlcek, Ted Ferguson, Farah White, Chad Law and Craig Cole.

In Brazil, the feature film will be broadcast directly on VOD by A2 Filmes.

Make sure to watch:

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