‘The Whites 2’: fans fall apart with sequel announcement

It’s been almost 20 years since the release of ‘As Branquelas’ (2004), but the comedy continues to make audiences laugh. And finally Marlon and his brother Shawn Wayans will get the rest of the role.

In an interview with Page Six, sisters Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton confirmed that they will appear in a sequel to “The Whites,” which ironically was inspired by the heiresses of the Hilton hotel.

On Twitter, fans are celebrating with the ad. Some are even asking Amazon Prime to resume the film after the streaming release of “A Prince in New York 2”, 33 years after the original.

To verify:

The world will only return to normal when they launch White Whites 2.

– Bruno Brunelli (@bobrunelli) July 17, 2021

white girls 2 developing nunk i was sad

– (@darkslidzr) July 20, 2021

they do white girls 2 sooooo

– mcc (@mariacmelooo) July 20, 2021

the child is very happy after the news they record Like Branquelas 2 this is the tweet

– lapsed (@caduschraiber) July 20, 2021

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Since A Prince 2 released in New York after 33 years, I will be looking forward to The Whites 2 release.

– ✨ (@isamnobrega) March 6, 2021

a generation still waiting for The Whites 2

– dan (@danielguaracy) February 28, 2021

White girls 2 could hang out

– (@ArruguettiJuuh) March 4, 2021

I see the prince in new york 2 and i only remember one thing, kd like branquelas 2?

– ɐ̷s̷o̷u̷ǝ̷u̷ǝ̷Λ̷ (@venenosaela) March 5, 2021

Although Amazon may launch the Whites 2

– Nando (@OrsoFe) March 5, 2021

We want white girls 2

– Tom and Jerry (@juoa_) March 5, 2021

If Amazon made a prince in New York 2 after 33 years of the first, they can make white girls 2, I will never give up hope

– grazielacomzdezebra (@grazielad) March 5, 2021

Earlier this month, Paris Hilton revealed:

“When I saw Marlon last week he actually asked me ‘Would you and your sister be interested in an appearance in Part 2? And I said,’ Yeah, 100% would be great. fun, ”Paris explained.

Nicky nodded, saying, “That would be really funny.”

More information on the sequel will be released shortly.

Over the years, one of the biggest questions for fans is who were the real-life personalities who served as the inspiration for the creation of preppy Brittany (Maitland Ward) and Tiffany Wilson (Anne Dudek) .

On his Instagram profile, Marlon Wayans killed fans’ curiosity by posting a photo alongside Paris Hilton, saying:

“The original white girl and me.”

Throughout the text, he explained how the idea for the film, along with his brother Shawn, came about.

“The story is funny. One day my brother called me at 3 in the morning and said, ‘Marlon, we should play white girls’ and I said, ‘Are you high?’ The next day he showed me a magazine with Paris Hilton and her sister on the cover, saying we should play girls like that. I understood straight away. They were the gateway to pop culture.

It’s worth remembering that Paris was one of the most popular social neighborhoods in the early 2000s, still causing her due to her problematic behavior, hip life, and collecting a long list of controversies.

Her younger sister, fashion designer Nicky Hilton, has always kept her personal life low-key and out of the limelight, but she has also served as the inspiration for comedy.

Wayans also wanted to thank the sisters for the opportunity to represent them in a humorous way in a film.

“We made this film with joy to celebrate a special moment in our life. So I’m very grateful to Paris and Nicky for being our inspiring muses. I like you.”

However, the part of the post that caught the fans’ attention the most is that the star says there may be a sequel there is a way to write:

“When we do ‘The Whites 2’, let’s go shopping.”

To verify:

Brothers Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans began producing “The Whites 2” in mid-2010, but Sony eventually canceled production. With the success of the first film and fan interest in the second, the brothers took the script to another Hollywood studio.

The feature film cost $ 37 million and grossed $ 113 million worldwide.

In the plot, Kevin and Marcus Copeland are two very clumsy FBI agents who end up failing an investigation and are threatened with losing their jobs. When a plot to kidnap spoiled socialite sisters Brittany and Tiffany Wilson is uncovered, Kevin and Marcus find themselves with the humiliating mission of escorting the two socialites from the airport to the hotel.

While being escorted, the two women are injured and they are forced to disguise themselves as themselves so that their boss does not find out what happened.

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