“The Witcher: The Origin”: Michelle Yeoh, Sophia Brown and others present official images from the spinoff series; To verify!

After the teaser, Netflix released new official images of the spinoff series “The Witcher: The Origin” (The Witcher: Blood Origin).

Scheduled for release in 2022, the new series will feature six episodes.

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The cast will include Laurence O’Fuarain (Fjall), Sophia Brown (Éile), Michelle Yeoh (Scían), Lenny Henry (Balor) Jacob Collins Levy (Eredin, King of the Wild Hunt), Mirren Mack (Merwyn), Lizzie Annis ( Zacaré), Huw Novelli (Callan “Brother Death”), Francesca Mills (Meldof), Amy Murray (Fenrik), Nathaniel Curtis (Brian), Zach Wyatt (Syndril) and Dylan Moran (Uthrok One-Nut).

Sarah O’Gorman (‘The Last Kingdom’) and Vicky Jewson (‘Born of War’) will direct the episodes.

The production will take place in an elven world, 1,200 years before the events starring Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) – and will show the creation of the first wizard.

“Blood Origin will tell a lost story – the origin of the first wizard and the events that led to the crucial conjunction of the spheres, when the world of monsters, men and elves merged into one. “

Andrzej Sapkowski, author of the books, will be the creative advisor for the series.

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