The worst and best zombie comedies

Are you a fan of a zombie movie? What about a comedy movie about zombies? Come meet, be afraid and laugh. And don’t forget to comment.

The original feature wasn’t the pioneer of the subgenre as it used a lot of humor with the undead theme. The genre itself, created by George Romero, was born as a critic / satire in Night of the Living Dead (1968). It just got more complicated. But Zumbilândia has definitely become the coolest and most successful of them all. The Bill Murray snippet is worth more than many entire movies.

Don’t let the horrible Portuguese title (which we will never get over) fool you. Shaun of the Dead (in the original) is a small masterpiece. Outside the mind of prodigy Edgar Wright, a specialist in British dry humor (and black humor, too), here we have a zombie epidemic seen through a sloth and his best friend. Wright created a trilogy using themes like horror, science fiction, and the comedy-masked crime thriller – the so-called Cornetto Trilogy.

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It’s the movie with the craziest premise on the list: a novel in which a young survivor of the zombie apocalypse falls in love with an undead. Creative by nature, the work was born as a satire of films like Twilight (2008), for example. The problem is, instead of the acidity of the vibe, Warm Bodies (in the original) decided to be a copy of the features he was trying to criticize himself, falling into the same structural traps and missing a chance for excellence.

One of the most creative animations of recent years, this film is a production of Laika Studios, prominent and resistant to the technique of stop motion. In the plot, a little boy has the strange gift of communicating with the dead and on Halloween night he will have to prevent a bizarre cataclysmic event when the dead rise from the grave and take control of the city.

Directed by Christopher Landon, the same who would go on to become consecrated with the films of the franchise Death Congratulations (2017 and 2019), the film accompanies three young scouts and a flash survival course. With Tye Sheridan, here we have elements of 80s classics, like The Goonies and Gone Crazy in Monsters, where a group of kids are at the center of a fantastic journey.

Cooties – The Epidemic (2014)

Here we also have a group of children, but they are not the protagonists, but “the creatures”. Subverting what one expects from zombie movies, this indie feature, which premiered at Sundance and arrived here on video, features a different kind of epidemic (which in itself already comes across as satire). School children are infected by the poor quality of their school meals and become zombies. It’s up to the professors (led by Elijah Wood) to pay off the small pests, while trying to survive.

Presented at the Rio Festival (then broadcast directly on video), this feature film marks the return of the great director Joe Dante in the genre that has consecrated him in films such as Gremlins and Meus Vizinhos Are a Terror. Here, the late Anton Yelchin plays a young man in crisis in his relationship. When his companion dies, he sees the opportunity to start over with the beautiful Alexandra Daddario. The problem is, the ex (played by Ashley Greene) refuses to stay dead, coming back as an inconvenient zombie.

In Hollywood, we constantly have cases of twin films, that is, films with very similar themes and narrative conduction, released in a very short period of time. In 2014, it was the turn of films about (ex) zombie girlfriends. Here we have a similar plot to the movie above, when a young woman (Aubrey Plaza) returns from the dead to turn the life of her mate (Dane DeHaan) into hell. We even have the figure of the new contender, in the forms of Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick. This was also broadcast on video in Brazil.

Fido – The Mascot (2006)

One of the first comic zombie films in this new series of productions, Fido has a very interesting premise, but unfortunately it has gotten so empty that many have never even heard of it. A Canadian film, the film is set in the 1950s, in the heart of the perfect life of the North American suburbs. In this flawless reality, there is a stain: zombies. Controlled, they were domesticated, becoming servants. This is how the friendship develops between a boy and his pet zombie, Fido.

The Zombie Strippers (2008)

Each type of figurine has already become a zombie in the works of the genre. The walking dead were once children, the ideal romantic couple, ex-girlfriends, and even “pets.” Here, they take a more lewd form: dancers and call girls in a strip club. Production B in all its glory, the feature film stars the distinguished presence of Robert Englund (the eternal Freddy Krueger) and pornstar Jenna Jameson.

Zombeavers – Terror on the Lake (2014)

Another unusual item on the movie zombie list. This film may also fall under the subgenre of “killer animals”, alongside sharks, crocodiles and dogs. Here, however, what we have are beavers (or beaver dolls, depending on their suspension of disbelief). In this production beyond waste (but also beyond fun), chemicals fall into a beaver lake and when they come in contact with the cute little creatures, they turn them into angry zombie beings. A group of six young people face the consequences. Some scenes (like turning humans into zombie beavers) are amazing.

Presented at Sundance this year, and still unseen in Brazil and the USA, the feature film is marked by the presence of the muse Lupita Nyong´o, recently released from the hit Nós. Here, Lupita lives as a teacher, on tour with her young students, when she breaks out a zombie epidemic and the situation escalates to the famous save yourself who can.

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