The worst series of the 21st century according to Metacritic

For every good show still on the air, there are probably 10 more bad shows that have already been overlooked among the excesses of Peak TV. Sometimes they come from questionable ideas from the start. Other times, they are the result of problematic execution even though, on paper, they have potential.

Therefore, we believe that knowing the failed process of critically and publicly rejected TV programs is essential for us to better understand the current TV scenario. With that in mind, CinePOP decided to investigate and present the series with the worst rating according to Metacritic.

For this list, we only considered the series created and exhibited from the turn of the century, in 2001, because many productions of previous decades followed other protocols and other determinations. With you, the worst ideas television has had in the past 20 years.

Truth be told (2015)

The Truth Must Be Told (NBC), 2015-2016

NBC comedy, the series starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar featured the story of two best friends and neighbors, who share their thoughts and experiences on sex, romance, ethnicity and routine. Despite the competent cast, the series has been criticized for not addressing the political issues it was proposing more emphatically, and is an example of a good idea with poor execution. It only lasted one season.


Despite the great ‘Community’ Ken Jeong as the protagonist, this series about a doctor with communication problems and his routines at home and with patients was not convincing. According to the reviewer, this was because it lacked essential elements of family comedies: humor and heart.

Hawaii (2004)

Promising to show “the dark side of Heaven,” this NBC proceeding revolved around detectives investigating the crime scene on the island of Hawaii. The series arrived before the reboot of “Hawaii Five-0,” released in 2010, and the only remotely interesting thing about it was the frame itself.

Insatiable (Netflix)

Yes, we have Netflix in the ranking!

The comedy follows Patty, a teenage girl who is helped to win a beauty pageant after spending her childhood being bullied because of her weight. The series was heavily criticized even before its premiere, for its inelegant satire that only reinforces stereotypes. Still, it was renewed for the second season. So it’s!

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Killer Instinct (2005)

Described as an attempt to outdo CSI without “gore,” Fox’s procedure portrays the daily life of San Francisco’s Depraved Crime Unit. Writer Gillian Flynn, then Entertainment Weekly critic, called it “the best worst TV series,” and others explained that the show was so obsessed with “shock” that it forgot to create a uninteresting story.

Modern Men (2006)

This comedy from the late WB channel featured three single men in their twenties trying to improve their love lives through life coaching. In addition to being an un-exciting proposition, the series has been described as “dumb, irritating and a retread of countless other silly, irritating and unoriginal WB sitcoms” by acclaimed television critic Tim Goodman.

10.5: Apocalypse (2006)

It was a two-part miniseries on NBC, which featured a plot of several earthquakes of catastrophic proportions that would endanger life on the West Coast of the United States. Analysts criticized the laughable excess of clichés, the poorly crafted storyline, poor performance and general hysteria. Apparently, there is nothing good left.

October Road (2007)

The ABC drama tells the story of a young writer who returns to his hometown for the first time in a decade, only to find that his old friends didn’t like being used as material for his books. Although the synopsis was from a CW series (I’m talking to you, “Hart of Dixie”! I miss you!), It rejected the best shots in the genre and became nothing more than a predictable, uninspired jumble of arcs. and without charisma. Despite this, it was renewed and had two seasons!

The Game (2007)

Half-comedy, half-drama, the series told the story of the wives and girlfriends of professional soccer players, and how they use their own skills to get them the best deals. It’s a spin-off of “Girlfriends,” and critics didn’t like the spinoff at all, which lacked charisma and innovation. But audiences disagreed, and the series ran for three seasons on The CW. After that, he was rescued by the BET channel, where he remained on the air until 2015.

Do Not Disturb (2008)

The sitcom was intended to chronicle the routine of employees at a once popular hotel in New York City. The show starring Niecy Nash, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Jerry O’Connell has been described as a senseless mix of obvious, politically incorrect and hysterical jokes, and was short-lived: it was canceled after three episodes.

Knight Rider (2008)

Continuation of the eponymous 1982 series (known in Brazil as “A Nova Super Máquina”), it revolves around KITT, the car with artificial intelligence capable of hacking any system, which uses nanotechnology to transform into other vehicles and fight crime. In the story, an FBI agent and a young woman search for the culprits who want at all costs to use KITT for evil.

Critics claimed the remake was out of date and humans were eclipsed by the CG effects, which was not a good sign. But staying true to the cheesy side of the story was seen as a positive sign. The series ran for four seasons.

Cavemen (2007)


This comedy already started with a very special idea: the inspiration was GEICO commercials. In history, Neanderthals have not been entirely replaced by Homo sapiens sapiens, and three of them share an apartment and attempt to lead ordinary lives in the modern world. Sadly, none of these amazing ideas worked, and the embarrassing result only aired on ABC for seven episodes.

Work This (2012)

Work it

The ABC sitcom revolved around two unemployed car salesmen who decide to pretend to be women to work as sales representatives for a drug maker. Well, if that genre convention was already out of date before, in this series the result was no different: just a bunch of insults and embarrassments that sat on the air for a season.

Tracker (2014)


The CBS crime drama starring Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott dealt with the story of victims of stalking and the Los Angeles Police investigative unit responsible for the cases. Attempting to keep audiences for “Criminal Minds” on the channel, the series lived up to the network’s fame and continued to reproduce sexist stereotypes in outdated, violent and predictable formats.

Data (2013)

The comedy “champion” on this list is from Fox and revolves around the lives of two successful co-founders of a video game company. Their routines are turned upside down when all of a sudden the parents of each of them have to move into their homes.

In addition to the lack of originality, many critics wrote that the series was more like a “duty done reluctantly by everyone involved,” and pointed out that all of the characters are equally obnoxious and irritating. Plus, childish jokes in an attempt to offend audiences are tiresome and problematic, to the point that they involve racism and sexism – this combo that is funny never got anything at all.

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