“Thor: Love and Thunder”: Chris Hemsworth offers GIGANTIC arm in new image

After playing a warped Thor in ‘Avengers: Ultimatum’, Chris Hemsworth was spotted gigantic behind the scenes of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’.

The actor today shared on Instagram a photo showing all his strength in celebrating the end of recordings, alongside director and friend Taika Waititi.

“It’s the end of Thor: Love and Thunder, it’s National No-Pumps Day too, so I thought this pic was super relaxed and appropriate. The movie is going to be completely crazy and funny and might catch your eye as well. heart. Lots of love, a lot of thunder! Thank you to all the cast and crew who made this another amazing trip for Marvel, “he said.


Previously, the portal published the gigantic scene from Nova Asgard.

The set of sets assembled in Western Sydney, Australia, consists of a few buildings with Norwegian-style architecture surrounded by a large area with a rural feel.

Enjoy watching:

In addition, one of the images also shows a huge boat in reference to the reputation of the Nordic peoples as skillful fishermen.


Directed by Taika Waititi (“Thor: Ragnarok”), the new film is slated for release on May 6, 2022.

The cast consists of Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie), Natalie Portman (Jane Foster / Mighty Thor), Jaime Alexander (Lady Sif), Jeff Goldblum (Grandmaster), Christian Bale (Gorr, the butcher of the gods) and Russell Crowe (Zeus).

Recall that Melissa McCarthy will play the “false version” of Hela in the Asgard theater company, alongside Matt Damon, Luke Hemsworth and Sam Neill.

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