‘Time Traveller’s Wife’: Fans REGRET Series’ Cancellation After Season 1

Those who followed ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’ series were surprised when the adaptation of Audrey Niffenegger’s novel of the same name was canceled after just one season.

With a promising plot, the attraction has attracted many viewers by focusing on the perspective of Clare Abshire (Rose Leslie) in relation to her involvement with the traveler experienced by Theo James at different stages of his life.

As creator Steven Moffat had revealed that he had story arcs planned for multiple seasons, the cancellation was sad news for audiences.

On social media, fans posted several messages regretting the decision and reinforcing the potential of the series.

At the same time, the most optimistic even encourage a petition to reverse the cancellation.

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They canceled the time traveler’s wife and I’m very sad… what a good serial man

— nath (@Naatthcorrea) July 2, 2022

They canceled “The Time Traveller’s Wife”, holy shit.

— Brenda Vitória (@BrendaVitoria) July 2, 2022

I’m sad that The Time Traveller’s Wife was cancelled, what a hate

— bruna (@uaeeoaaie) July 2, 2022

What a gaffe HBO, how do you cancel Time Traveller’s Woman.

— Icarus (@icarofilgueiras) July 2, 2022

Damn, @HBOMaxBR you canceled The Time Traveller’s Wife?! Are you guys crazy?! @HBO_Brasil @HBOMaxSuporte @HBO_Brasil is this a joke?!

— Naiara with me ❤️ (@justnaiara) July 2, 2022

Please sign this petition for the return of “The Time Traveler’s Wife” series https://t.co/sYKFT68UMn

— Matt (@mathiew_sh) July 2, 2022

The time traveler’s wife has been cancelled!
Shit, that was so cool… And after the book!!
I can’t even follow the series anymore! Either they get canceled endlessly, or they stay for years and don’t end.
My friends, good stories have a beginning, a middle and an end!

— Sarah Pereira (@sarahbfpereira) July 2, 2022

I’ll start watching The Time Traveller’s Wife.

Canceled at the end of Season 1. Show.

— Cassimiro (@cassimiro099) July 1, 2022

Portal, is there a chance that HBO Max will save the time traveler’s wife or is it impossible?

– (@Mont6147) July 1, 2022

Can’t believe @HBOMaxBR canceled The Time Traveller’s Wife. I do not believe

— Amanda Lemos  (@amandalemos) July 1, 2022

And The Time Traveler’s Wife won’t have more seasons either.

— ⚡️ (@joaozinhomarcos) July 1, 2022

In honor of the cancellation of series A Mulher do Viajante do Tempo, I am also canceling my subscription to @HBOMaxBR Have a nice day

— Clinton Davisson (@clintondavisson) July 2, 2022

Rose Leslie (“Game of Thrones”) and Theo James (“Divergent”) star in the production. Desmin Borges and Natasha Lopez round out the cast.

The screenplay was written by Steven Moffat (“Doctor Who”). David Nutter (“Game of Thrones”) directed all six episodes.

When they first meet, Henry is 28 and Clare is twenty. He is a modern librarian; she, a beautiful art student. The two fall in love, get married, and begin to pursue the goals most couples share: kids, good friends, a fulfilling job. But your marriage can never be normal. Henry suffers from a rare genetic disease and from time to time his biological clock goes up or down, and he is then able to time travel, taken to emotionally significant moments in his life, past or future. Movements are unpredictable and Henry is unable to control them. With each trip, he is a different age and needs to readjust to his own life. And Clare, for whom time passes normally, must learn to live with Henry’s absence and the unusual nature of their relationship. In The Time Traveller’s Wife, the author shows with great sensitivity, intelligence and good humor that true love is able to overcome all barriers – including the most implacable of all: time.

In 2009, the book won a film adaptation, which in Brazil received the title “Te Amarei Para Semper”. The film starred Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana.

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