Tips | “10 things I hate about you” and other classics from the Disney + afternoon session

One of the weekend tips last week was the classic Habit Change Afternoon Session. Many people were surprised to learn that this film which marked the open TV afternoon sessions was available in the Disney + catalog. But it’s not just him. With that in mind, we’ve separated five more classics from those old movie sessions that you can watch on Disney +. To verify!

crazy friday

A Friday classic (duh), this film features Tess (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Anna (Lindsay Lohan) as a mother and daughter who lead completely different lives. While Tess is in complete control and prepares for her wedding, Anna is a rebellious teenager with a lot of teenage issues. They were still fighting until one Friday a mystical event happened and the two bodies switched. Now they have to understand each other to find a way to turn the situation around before Tess’s wedding.

The Adventures of Max Keeble

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Filled with the child stars who populated the mainstream kids’ 2000s series, The Adventures of Max Keeble is an uncompromising children’s comedy about a little newspaper boy who was bullied by a group of townspeople. When he finds out that his parents are moving to Chicago, he decides to take revenge on all those who made his life hell. The problem is, when their revenge is well underway, the parents decide not to move. Leaving him to his own troubles.

10 things I hate about you

Based on The Tame Shrew, this romantic comedy – which takes place at least once a year in the afternoon – tells the story of Cameron (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a freshman who falls in love with a girl in his new school. However, she will only be able to date boys when her insufferable older sister, Kat (Julia Stiles), finds a boyfriend. Proving that a teenage boy in love would do anything to kiss her, Cameron then makes a deal with the one guy who’s up for the challenge of flirting with Kat, bad boy Patrick (Heath Ledger).

Jamaica below zero

If the Rocky Balboa franchise didn’t exist, this one would undoubtedly be everyone’s favorite sports movie. Based on the true story of four Jamaicans who improbably competed in the 1988 Winter Olympics, the film tells the story of Irving Blitzer (John Candy), a Jamaican who was ashamed to have cheated during the Olympic bobsleigh race. Years later, he teams up with a Jamaican sprinter who failed to qualify for the Summer Olympics and convinces him to find a team for them to try to qualify for the Winter Olympics. in bobsleigh. The problem is, they live in Jamaica, where the weather is quite warm, making it difficult for them to push sleds through the snow. Either way, they are doing everything they can to train themselves and get involved in a fun adventure that will change their lives for good.

Dr Dolittle

Absolutely everything in this film exudes the “90s”. Partly inspired by the children’s book series, this feature film tells the story of John Dolittle (Eddie Murphy), a renowned surgeon in society who used to talk to animals as a child. However, his life changes when he runs over a stray dog, which ends up unlocking that ancient ability to understand what animals say to the doctor. Then he becomes a new one among the animals, who begin to visit his house so that he can solve the problems. So, Dr. Dolittle must find a way to help the animals without his family suspecting that he is crazy.

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