Tips | AWESOME and little-known movies that turn 10 in 2021

When you think of 2011, dozens of highly competent blockbusters have been released, along with several award-winning and internationally acclaimed films. However, among these feature films we have had several incredible stories that have reached Brazilian cinemas over the past decade and have not achieved as much prominence as the competition. With that in mind, we’ve picked a few for you to check out this weekend.

a chinese tale

This Argentine / Spanish production is spectacular. Starring Ricardo Darín, this comedy-drama is about the unlikely friendship between Roberto (Darín), a grumpy Falklands War veteran who lives in Buenos Aires and has a hobby of collecting weird news, and Jun (Ignacio Huang) a young Chinese widower who went to Argentina to meet his last living relative. The problem is that he cannot speak Spanish at all, which leads to a series of misfortunes for the boy from the lands of Hermanas. Their stories intersect when Jun, after being robbed by a taxi driver, is dumped at Roberto’s doorstep. Feeling sorry for the boy but fearful, the former veteran lets him stay at home until the police arrive. And so begins a hilarious dramatic adventure between these two opposites.

a glorious morning

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Everything about this project is grandiose. Produced by JJ Abrams and starring Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton, with Jeff Goldblum and Patrick Wilson on the cast, this film takes place behind the scenes of a newscast that has been around for nearly 50 years but now lives in the ‘ostracism. . Then Becky (McAdams), a young producer is hired to try to solve this problem. But she sees a breach in the contract of Mike (Ford), an award-winning war reporter who was in the “refrigerator” of the channel, and practically forces him to present the new version of the morning. But he sees it as a big downfall in his career and begins to harass the team behind the scenes and live with his cranky, arrogant manner, turning everyone’s life into hell. It’s a fun journalism flick and it manages to convey just how good the backstage and frenetic pace of a live show is.

We bought a zoo

Directed by Cameron Crowe, this drama / Feel-Good Movie adapts a true story from the more childish perspective of a father (Matt Damon) whose wife has passed away. So, with his young children, he decides to take back control of his life by buying an almost abandoned zoo. Except, as you might expect, he has no idea what he’s doing, which causes some issues. The film also features Scarlett Johansson as one of the zoo employees. In other words: it is neither a revolutionary element nor an innovative element, but it has a curious history and an important message. After all, what would you do in 20 seconds of insane courage?


The premise of what we might do if we reach the full potential of the human brain is already somewhat of a success, but it hadn’t saturated it ten years ago. In this plot, we follow the trajectory of Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), a writer frustrated at not being able to overcome a lingering creative block. This changes when he meets his ex-brother-in-law, who offers him a drug capable of increasing brain capacity. Eddie accepts it a little scared, but takes the medicine anyway. Your reasoning improves instantly and the writer’s block simply goes away. And the more drugs he takes, the more skill and agility he gains in reasoning, elevating his career to phenomenal stardom. However, this piques the interest of Carl (Robert De Niro), a businessman who wishes to rely on Eddie’s services. And by this time, the writer is already completely addicted to drugs, which are limited and require daily use to maintain this frenetic pace of brain functioning. It’s a thriller with a handful of action.

Steel giants

What if Rocky Balboa takes place in the universe of Me, Robot? It might sound silly, but it’s a pretty competent way to describe Steel Giants, a film about a former boxer (Hugh Jackman) who is now working in the robot fighting market – a phenomenon that dates back to 2020 – but it’s a long way off. to repeat his success in the rings. The situation changes from time to time when he needs to spend time with his son, who has never had contact with his father. Together, they meet Atom, a cute little robot who imitates, memorizes and repeats the movements he sees. In this way, Atom is “trained” with classic moves from old boxing matches and begins to develop into the National League of robot fight scene. It’s a very captivating family adventure and with very honest play from our eternal Wolverine.

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