Tips for Christmas movies DIFFERENCES to get out of the similarity

Tired of ALWAYS watching the same movies at the end of Christmas? Well, this list is for you!

We have separated 5 unconventional films which are “Christmas films”. Don’t expect “They Forgot Me”, “A Toy Hero” or anything like that here. Check it out and have fun!

Batman – The Return:

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Defended by many fans as the best Batman movie, Batman – The Return is truly a movie. With a firsthand cast and the direction of a Tim Burton in its prime, the film thrills and manages to be somber without losing the fun.

Burton’s Gothic style gives Gotham City a fantastical Christmas look, and religious metaphors, like the birth of the penguin, ignite a much underrated Christmas story. The structure of the feature is very similar to that of A Christmas Carol and the Christmas tree in the city is a fundamental part of the plot. If you haven’t seen it yet, enjoy the day and enjoy this great job!

Difficult to kill:

Super Interesting brought an article about humanity’s greatest doubt, after “what’s the meaning of life?”: Hard to kill a Christmas movie or not? Well I think we can all agree that’s the case.

It’s not just because a movie has action, death, and violence that it’s not Christmas. According to the Super article, some data to prove this is Christmas carols used more often than any other movie called “Christmas” in the past 30 years. Additionally, there are 21 Christmas items on the stage. Damn thing.

In the plot, John McClane is at his wife’s company holiday party and has to put an end to a group of terrorists. We agree that among the countless weird things you can do at a corporate party, killing terrorists is in 4th place, losing only to dancing topless at the counter, kissing your boss, and drinking to the point of leaving the room. ‘ambulance. Either way, the movie is set as one of the funniest action franchises in history and turns out to be a great Christmas movie! It’s really worth it!


I have to admit, I was very surprised to learn that A LOT of people don’t consider Gremlins to be a Christmas movie. I mean, it has an imprint of horror and dark humor, but it’s impossible to watch this movie without getting into the Christmas atmosphere at all. And the plot itself wouldn’t work as well if it was set in another era. Gizmo is a cute and unknown Mogwai who is given to young Billy as a gift. However, he must follow three rules: do not expose Mogwai to strong light, do not get him wet, and do not feed after midnight.

It is obvious that things give this famous degringolada and Billy ends up breaking the three rules. The nice little animal eventually multiplies and his clones / descendants turn into sadistic imps, with a lot of energy and desire to destroy the city. Despite all of this, Gremlins is about family, togetherness, and how Christmas might not be such a happy date for everyone. A classic of youthful terror and a “must see” Christmas!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone:

One of the most appealing sagas to young audiences of recent years, Harry Potter is also worth highlighting in this list. The film tells the story of a lonely and abused young man who finds himself a wizard and finds his place in an even bigger plot. The development of the franchise gets into heavier points, but the first film has a very interesting Christmas atmosphere.

Outside the typically European Christmas settings, A Pedra Filosofal is a film about the power of friendship and loyalty, about self-discovery and acceptance of one’s “role” without judgment. Interestingly or not, the director is Chris Columbus, who wrote Gremlins, someone who even understands that not-so-explicit Christmas vibe.

Until the last man:

Image result even for the last man

Faith, solidarity and love. The true story of Desmond Doss, a pacifist doctor called up in World War II, is the synthesis of everything that represents Christmas. His faith is tested several times throughout the film, but he remains steadfast.

His conviction not to take up arms is called into question, and even on the front lines he does not give up what he believes. In times of war he does not think about races, creeds or personalities, he simply helps his fellow men. Seriously, it’s a movie and it fits perfectly for Christmas.

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