Tips | ‘Gremlins’,’ The Goonies’ and other ’80s CLASSICS that are on Netflix

The 1980s were magical for American pop culture. This is where several immortal classics were launched and began to conquer different generations.

Despite the wide array of feature films from this era, CinePOP made it their task to select just five ’80s movies that are on Netflix for you to watch this weekend.

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the goonies
Considered one of the best children’s friendship films of all time, The Goonies tells the story of a group of little kids who find themselves embroiled in a dangerous and unforgettable adventure in search of the legendary pirate Willy’s treasure. One-Eye. On this journey, they will have to trust and rely on each other if they are to survive. Directed by Richard Donner and memorable characters, this is a feature film full of nostalgia and adventure.

the gremlins

Directed by Joe Dante, this politically incorrect comedy masterfully flirts between humor and horror. The plot is very simple. A boy gets a very cute pet who needs three rules to live smoothly: no bright light, no water, and no food after midnight. And like any American boy, it is clear that the protagonist is breaking all the rules, causing his town to be attacked by naughty monsters and thirst for entertainment and violence.

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Back to the future
A film that practically defined the concepts of time travel in cinema, Back to the Future is an adventure that crosses the generations and has aged too well. The plot tells the story of a young aspiring musician who befriends a mad scientist. When called upon to film a historical experience, things go wrong and he ends up returning to the past, where he will have to convince his parents to leave so that he does not disappear in the future.

Rambo: Born to kill
The first chapter in the never-ending saga of Sylvester Stallone murdering enemies in cold blood, this film is a long action film about the abandonment of the US government to the soldiers of the Vietnam War. Returning from the war, John Rambo is a Green Beret facing the psychological consequences of being captive at the front while trying to survive in the United States. However, he ends up being mistaken for a criminal and will have to confront his country’s police if he is to survive.

Karate kid

The first chapter of a rather irregular quadrilogy, Karate Kid is a beautiful afternoon film about the friendship of a boy and an old man who does it through martial arts. In the plot, the boy moves to a new city, where he begins to do and suffer bullying. The problem is, the bully he’s played with is tough in karate and will make his life hell. Then the boy meets a hidden master of this martial art, and through unconventional methods he will become his pupil to defeat his school enemy.

All the films mentioned are on Netflix.

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