“Titãs”: Fans love Estelar’s new look; Discover the reactions!

The look of Estelar (Anna Diop) was heavily criticized during the first season of ‘Titans’ due to lack of fidelity to the comic.

However, HBO Max has decided to redesign the character for Season 3 and released new promotional images revealing the character’s costume upgrade.

For this reason, several fans took to social media to celebrate the change, as Estelar has become much more similar to the comic book version.

Even those who don’t like the series admitted that they were keen to keep up with the update.

Check out the reactions:

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I don’t like titans, but this stellar costume was really cool https://t.co/YmYqBglJkG

– julinha (@juliachiacchio) November 24, 2020

HBO reveals Estelar’s costume for the third season of Titans and I feel bad !!! 😲
Perfect Anna Diop, fucking queen, badass, gorgeous, wonderful! 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes

– Victor (@ Victor_Rocha05) November 23, 2020

Not content with carrying the series on his back because he is the best character of Estelar is also the one with the best evolution
TITAN’S MISSION pic.twitter.com/LWbOshnHIC

– Victor Luiz (@Victorlcs) November 23, 2020


New look of Estelar for the 3rd season of Titans on HBO MAX!

And Anna Diop does it all !!! pic.twitter.com/POGQdgKb5g

– Between screens and books ❤ (@telaselivros) November 23, 2020

The Star Costume for Season 3 of the Titans is GORGEOUS. Ariana Grande said: “God is a woman” pic.twitter.com/L6sdDoSg1w

– carol 🦇 ➰ | 📖: the subtle art of connected fucking (@waynefairchild_) November 23, 2020

the look of the star in the next titans season my god I’m in love pic.twitter.com/9WoBEh0Wrp

– beatriz 🦋 (@eibeatriztrotsk) November 23, 2020

Mano a Estelar in the third season of Titãs is an esculacho 😍 pic.twitter.com/gNk9EDmLe4

– Suellen Gomes (@suhnegrita) November 23, 2020

She came !

@Ljsupersuits has released the official Estelar costume for the new season of Titans! #Starfire #annadiop pic.twitter.com/XQA8ecNFFD

– Legacy Wayne (@LegadoWayne) November 23, 2020

My God, Estelar is just perfect, I will have to continue watching this series of Titans, come to Brazil HBO Max pic.twitter.com/No3VsmT5tV

– Cadu (@CaduMeloFranco) November 23, 2020

Actually the Estelar costume for the third season of Titãs is very cool but I hope the character uses the costume’s poha and doesn’t just appear in flashback. Guys are heroes and solve bullshit in civilian clothes https://t.co/I0jmnuRHcR

– Henio (@heniohg) November 23, 2020

the stellar uniform of the third season of the titans pqp🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️

– Nathaly (@CairesNathaly) November 23, 2020

Veyy, the look of the star of the third season of Titans is all aaa

SPONSOR ARRIVED pic.twitter.com/8rjXkQHRcI

-. (@bbygirllazy) November 23, 2020

Ok wow can we just admire @TheAnnaDiop as Starfire for a minute !? Seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on HBO Max. #DCTitans pic.twitter.com/JGLkVRxqUd

– HBO Max (@hbomax) November 23, 2020

Recalling that the 3rd is already in development, and cinematographer Boris Mojsovski shared several new behind-the-scenes footage from the recordings via Instagram.

On occasion, Mojsovski has revealed details of some of the natural scenarios that will be used in the new season and it is possible to see that the beautiful southern Ontario forest in mid-fall will be one of the landscapes. which will form the photograph of the cycle to come.


Remember, season three will see Jason planning a trip to bring down the ‘Titans’.

In the comics, Jason Todd was killed by the Joker and risen as the controversial Code Red Hood, becoming a cold and calculating killer. Although unsuitable in animation and live-action no version, the character has become an anti-hero of the most popular DC.

It was also confirmed that Barbara Gordon / Batgirl appear in future episodes, but will not wear the uniform of heroin. In fact, she will be the Gotham City Police Commissioner, in addition to having had a previous relationship with Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites).

Additionally, the iconic supervillain Scarecrow, the alter ego of Dr. Jonathan Crane, will also make his debut in the series.

Information on the cast or the number of chapters the characters will appear in has not been revealed.

Remember the trailer from the previous season:

The plot follows young heroes of the DC universe as they grow up and find themselves in a dark version of the classic franchising Teen Titans. Dick Grayson and Rachel Roth, a special young girl possessed by a strange darkness, find themselves in the midst of a conspiracy that can bring hell to Earth. They join the hot-headed stellar and the adorable Beast Boy. Together they become a family and a team of heroes.

The series was created by Greg Berlanti and starring Brenton Thwaites (Nightwing), Anna Diop (Star), Teagan Croft (Night) and Ryan Potter (Beast).

The next cycle will feature several new characters, including Superboy (Joshua Orpin), Exterminator (Esai Morales), Jericho (Chella Man), Devastator (Chelsea Zhang), Mercy Graves (Natalie Gumede) and Aqualad (Drew Van Acker). Jason Todd (Curran Walters), Donna Troy (Connor Leslie), Rapine (Ritchson) and Columba (Kelly) will also be back.

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