Tom Holland warns “Spider-Man 3” “is going to be brutal, dark and touching”

During an interview with Games Radar, Tom Holland commented further on “Spider-Man: No Return Home” and warned fans that the film would be brutal, dark and touching.

“What’s really going to surprise people about this movie is that it’s not a fun story as many imagine it. This movie is more like something dark and sad. Seriously, it’s gonna be. touching.

He went on to explain that:

“You’re going to see characters that you love go through things that you would never want them to go through. And I was really excited to lean over to that side of Peter Parker. He’s a guy who always sees the bright side, but in this movie he’s lost and doesn’t know what to do. It was an aspect of the character that I had never seen before, and I was really, really excited to try to deal with it.

Finally, Holland guaranteed that it was the best “Spider-Man” movie.

“I haven’t seen the full movie yet, but from what I’ve seen I can say this is the best ‘Spider-Man’ movie we’ve ever made. Fans aren’t ready. for what we’ve prepared. I’m not even ready, it’s gonna be crazy.

Enjoy watching:

So what do you think he meant by that?

Scheduled for a preview on December 16 in national theaters, the feature film will last 159 minutes (or 2 hours and 39 minutes).

As such, the film will be the second longest in the MCU, ahead of ‘Eternals’ (156 minutes, or 2 hours and 36 minutes) and behind ‘Avengers: Ultimatum’, which lasts 3 hours and two minutes.

Watch the trailer:

For the first time in Spider-Man cinematic history, our friendly neighborhood hero is unmasked and can no longer separate his normal life from the big risks of being a superhero. When he asks Doctor Strange for help, the risks become even more dangerous and force him to find out what it really means to be Spider-Man.

Directed again by Jon Watts, the cast includes Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch, Marisa Tomei, JK Simmons, Jamie Foxx, Alfred Molina, Martin Starr and Jacob Batalon.

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