Top 10 Daft Punk Songs

In recent days, the music industry has taken a heavy blow with the news of the separation of the duo formed by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, better known as Daft Punk.

The duo, which gained popularity through the fervent Maison Frech movement in the 1990s, became one of the pioneers of contemporary EDM and influenced a variety of artists in its brief existence, from Madonna to Robyn. .

And, as part of our Special Artist Stories series, we’ve separated a simple list with their top ten songs.

Check out our picks below and tell us which one is your favorite:


Album: Discovery

Techno, disco, funk and French house merged into an interesting and modest track that deserved more attention than it currently has: “Digital Love”. The nostalgic and narcotic progression takes us back to the mid-1970s and cool iterations of Gloria Estefan (a somewhat unexpected reference, but one that works from start to finish).


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Album: Discovery

The quintessential mix of house and dance-pop comes to life with “Face to Face”, one of the many promotional singles from the album “Discovery”. Here, Daft Punk teamed up with American producer Todd Edwards, who had previously shown an influence on the duo’s artistic achievements. What strikes us most about the song is the random chopping technique that Edwards uses to give the music a futuristic and rhythmic perspective.


Album: Tron: The Legacy (OST)

Daft Punk opened the 2010s with one of the most famous soundtracks of recent years, “Tron: The Legacy”. Reinventing themselves once again and showing their willingness to keep abreast of the constant renewals in the music industry, the duo have put a lot of emphasis on electro-house and as a result we’ve had iterations like the ” Derezzed ”engaging and provocative.


Album: Discovery

Daft Punk tends to subtly bet on constructions that have vocals, which is why his instrumental hits are extremely iconic. The “Crescendolls” techno-disc reflects very well the sound imagery behind the group’s identity and presents itself as an inexplicable journey through an infinite mass of sensations and dances.


Album: Human After All

“Human After All” may not have been well received by critics at the time of its release, but there’s no denying that the underrated album has its moments of sheer glory – as it does with the avant-garde “Techonologic”, which opens the doors of hard house and electro-rock, as well as futuristic and deliberately repetitive verses.


Album: Homework

“Da Funk”, like many other pieces built by Daft Punk, is classic in the most irreverent way possible. The long instrumental track brings the essence of house acid and big beat, in addition to flirting with the funk rock immortalized by the group Queen.


Album: Random Access Memories

Came as the first single from the duo’s 4th and final studio album, “Get Lucky” delivered much more than we expected and received critical acclaim. The record’s architecture, paying homage to the 1970s and 1980s, speaks of the bliss of connecting with someone close to your heart – and the simple and practical result gave the duo two Grammy statuettes.


Album: Homework

Inspired by Giorgio Moroder and Nile Rodgers, “Around the World” is known for its unique and vibrant verses that are repeated constantly over the course of seven minutes. Having become a critical and commercial success, the iteration represents the best of club culture by merging techno, funk and electro-dance progressions, creating an explosive and addicting sonic narrative.


Album: Discovery

“One More Time” is another cultural landmark from the 2000s to represent the best of the French house. The track incorporates elements such as nightclub and nu-disco for a unique sensory experience that has earned the duo countless awards and decorations to date. The famous Rolling Stone magazine included the iteration in the list of the 500 best songs of all time and also in the 100 best songs of the decade.


Album: Discovery

Easily one of Daft Punk’s best known and acclaimed tracks, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” mixes elements of funk and techno, with verses ruled by striking synths and distorted vocals. The robotic face became the subject of several television programs and brought in a Grammy statuette for Best Dance Recording. Several international vehicles have already ranked the track as one of the best of the century.

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