‘Toy Story’: Mr. Potato Head is renamed to fit the LGBTQ + gender neutral

By an official statement, Hasbro announced that the classic “Mr. and Ms. Cabeça de Batata ‘will be renamed just’ Cabeça de Batata ‘in North America to promote gender neutral inclusion.

Part of the text says that:

“Hasbro is making sure everyone feels welcome to the world of ‘Potato Head’ by officially removing the brand name and original logo. This promotes gender equality and inclusion ”

The decision was highly regarded by Rich Ferraro, a spokesperson for the LGBTQ advocacy group, who said:

“By offering a toy that exists outside of the binary standard (male and female), Hasbro helps children see toys as simply toys, which encourages them to be authentic and not feel pressured by traditional standards. kind.”

The launch of non-sexist toys has become a trend since 2019, when manufacturer Barbie launched a line of neutral dolls, Creatable World.

The new “Potato Head” models will be sold later this year, but without an official date, so far.

In Brazil, the doll is also sold with the term “Senhor”, but it is not known whether the new nomenclature will be adopted here.

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Created in 1952, the toy gained great notoriety as part of the “ Toy Story ” franchise, launched between 1995 and 2019.


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