“Toy Story”: Pixar Celebrates 25 Years of Animation; Check out!

The first animated feature film in Pixar history, “Toy Story,” has completed 25 years of release.

And to celebrate this iconic monument, the production received a beautiful commemorative poster made in 2D animation and launched by the studio itself, via Twitter.


“The toy box is overflowing with fun! Happy 25th anniversary to Toy Story, first released in 1995 ”.

The toy box is overflowing with fun! Happy 25th anniversary to Toy Story, first released that day in 1995. # ToyStory25 pic.twitter.com/fnVC74vW9a

– Pixar (@Pixar) November 22, 2020

“ Toy Story ” became a milestone in the film industry, ushering in the era of 3D animation, breaking with the old drawing format, which became obsolete and nearly died out, without the blockbuster feature films released. . back then, like “Pocahontas”, “Hercules” and “Mulan” – which helped revive 2D animation.

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Pixar’s production redefined the art of animation and started an era of successive business successes, such as “Vida de Insento”, “Toy Story 2”, “Monstros SA”, among others.

The “ Toy Story ” franchise has spanned decades and had its last release in 2019.

‘Toy Story 4’ has hit an impressive $ 1.073 billion mark, making it the highest-grossing chapter of all. In addition, the film won the Oscar for best animation, being the second to achieve the feat.

Directed by Josh Cooley, this is his first feature film.

When Bonnie takes the toys along on her family trip, Woody unexpectedly disperses and joins her friend Bo Peep, who with her adventurous spirit and after years on the road already hides her delicate porcelain exterior. Woody and Bo, who are totally different in the toy life, quickly realize that this is the least of their problems.

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