“Trick of the Master” director wants to make 3rd most REALISTIC movie

Lionsgate recently hired Oscar nominated Eric Warren Singer for his work on “Cheating” to script the assault thriller “Now You See Me 3).

Now, the director of the first film in the franchise, Louis Leterrier, has spoken of his possible return.

After touching on the world of practical effects of Netflix’s “The Enchanted Crystal: Age of Resistance”, Leterrier said he would take a more streamlined approach to the world of magic and illusions created in the “Trick of the Master ”.

“I’ll never stop doing practical effects, at least. I learned a lot from puppets. Everything we did in The Enchanted Crystal was manipulated with our hands. Not just the heroes themselves, but the flowers, the wings, everything. The whole group was enthusiastic.

Now the director wanted to bring the experience to ‘Master Trick 3’.

“So by doing another trick or something similar, if I want to make another movie with magic, I would bring practical effects to it and make it more realistic. There’s also something very organic there- in it, practical effects and the people behind it. For example, there was a moment in The Enchanted Crystal where Brea drops books. She was in the library, all the papers and books started swirling around. The background was CG, but the foreground, all the pieces of paper, books and things flying around were being handled by people with sticks running underneath.

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Screenwriter Eric Warren Singer aims to bring a fresh take on ‘Master Trick 3’ that will capture the fun, magic and spirit of the original, introducing new characters to the world while creating opportunities for the original cast of rehearse their roles.

“Eric has always been fascinated by the art of magic and illusion in all its forms and he has come to us with a beautiful story that takes the mythology of Master Trick and takes the Four Horsemen to a whole new level with our key return and new characters, ”said Nathan Kahane, president of Lionsgate.

Executives have already reached out to Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, Lizzy Caplan, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine.

So far Dave Franco is the only cast member who hasn’t been contacted yet, but hopefully he’ll be back as well.

In addition to the Four Horsemen, it has been said that two new characters will be part of the main plot.

One is described as a young Hispanic woman in her early twenties, and the other is a man in her forties. And while no actor has been cast for the roles, the studio is considering picking Chris Pratt.

More details were not revealed, so there are no predictions for when filming will begin and no possible release date.

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