‘Trickster: The Agent of Chaos’: Globoplay aired series CANCELED after racial controversy

Canadian broadcaster CBC has decided to cancel the second season of “Trickster: The Agent of Chaos” after a racial controversy involving series co-creator Michelle Latimer. In Brazil, the first season was made available by Globoplay.

Controversy arose when it was revealed that Latimer was not of indigenous descent, as she had stated for the past two decades.

In December, Latimer had broken the silence on the controversy: “I know that when questions like these come up it hurts our entire community and all the years of hard work that so many have helped to make the voice heard. voice of indigenous peoples. I take responsibility for the strain this conversation has on the people who have supported me and I also apologize for any negative impact on my colleagues in the Indigenous filmmaking community.

Several producers of the series resigned immediately after the controversy, while Eden Robinson, author of the books on which the series is based, admitted to being “very embarrassed” by the scandal, adding: “I feel stupid. I don’t know. not how to deal with anger, disappointment and stress As miserable as this moment is, I prefer to know the truth.

“We’ve had a lot of conversations over the last few weeks trying to continue production on the second season of ‘Trickster’,” said a CBC representative. “These discussions have included producers, writers, actors and the author of the books on which the series is based. With full respect for everyone’s point of view, we are not moving forward with the new cycle. CBC is extremely proud to have brought this exciting story to the screen and grateful for the talent that made it possible.

Created by Tony Elliott and Michelle Latimer, the series is based on Eden Robinson’s bestselling novel trilogy.

The plot follows a native teenager named Jared who struggles to keep his family afloat when a stranger named Wade breaks his balance. What begins as a disconcerting slow combustion of strange events in Jared’s already messy life, to an epic clash of magic, monsters, and mayhem.

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The cast includes Joel Oulette, Crystle Lightning, Kalani Queypo, Anna Lambe, Nathan Alexis and Craig Lauzon.

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