“Trim Season”: Actor of “Scream” Series to Star in True Story Horror

According to THR, actor Bex Taylor-Klaus, from the series ‘Scream’ and slasher ‘Hell’s Park’, will star in the horror ‘Trim Season’, which will be based on real events.

The plot will follow a group of young people from Los Angeles who go to a marijuana farm in the hopes of making some easy money. Soon they uncover the dark secrets of the place as they fight against time to escape the mountain they are trapped in.

The concept is loosely based on the real-life case of a group of women who went missing in Humboldt County during the marijuana harvest season.

Ariel Vida will be in charge of the direction, in addition to having written the screenplay alongside David Blair.

The cast will also include Alex Essoe, Bethlehem Million, Jane Badler, Ally Ioannides and Cory Hart.

The script is based on a story created by Megan Sutherland, Cullen Poythress, and Sean E. DeMott.

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Horror filming recently ended in Salt Lake.

New information should be published soon.

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