“Tron: O Legado” celebrates its 10th anniversary; Discover TEN CURIOSITIES about the beloved film!

‘Tron: O Legado’, a sequel to the eponymous 1982 film, has celebrated its 10th anniversary in the last few days and, since its launch and its critically underrated reception, has gained a legion of fans who have revisited the film at many times. images taken by Joseph Kosinski.

Kosinski, allying with producer Steven Lisberger (who commissioned the original work), decided to create a high profile project, convincing Walt Disney Pictures to go ahead with the idea, which resulted in an Oscar nomination for the incredible soundtrack of Daft Punk and a box office of over $ 400 million.

In the story, Sam, the son of famous video game programmer Kevin Flynn, has long been haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his father. A strange signal takes Sam to Flynn’s arcade, where he is drawn into a cyber world, the same one his father has been stuck in for 20 years. Fearlessly, the warrior Quorra, Kevin and Sam seek to escape from a universe which, while magnificent, is far more advanced and dangerous than Kevin had imagined.

To celebrate your wedding, we’ve separated a short list of ten behind-the-scenes curiosities.


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The voices of the audience during the battle for records are actually the voices of the audience at the Disney panel for the film at San Diego Comic-Con in 2010. Fans were asked to shout out phrases appearing on a giant screen – and the sounds were recorded by technicians from the Skywalker sound company.


Filming for “Tron: The Legacy” lasted only 64 days. However, post-production took dozens of times longer – 68 weeks, to be more precise, due to the absurd amount of special effects.


The first drafts of the screenplay signed by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (the duo behind “Once Upon a Time”) did not have the role of Alan Bradley. After a public request by fans and Bruce Boxleitner, Alan was added to the story. Boxleitner was praised for his performance and even made character appearances to promote the film.


Disney gave Joseph Kosinski a vote of confidence because “Tron: The Legacy” was the director’s first film. However, Casa Mouse liked the ideas he pitched and, to date, carries with it the biggest budget for a movie for a newbie director ($ 170 million).


To interpret the CLU computer program, Jeff Bridges’ face was rejuvenated with the same technology as the acclaimed drama “The Curious Benjamin Button”, released two years earlier, to “grow old” Brad Pitt. So Bridges appears to be in his thirties (down from 61 at the time).


Michael Sheen has always been an avid fan of the original “Tron” franchise film, and when he received the offer to live Zuse in “Tron: The Legacy,” he immediately wanted to accept the role. However, Sheen’s agents didn’t want Disney to find out how badly he wanted to be in the movie, because that way Casa Mouse executives could offer a much smaller amount than intended for his appearance.


The duo known as Daft Punk were a huge fan of the original film and quickly agreed to compose the soundtrack for the sequel. Kosinski said that when he interviewed them for the film, he realized their desire to retain the spirit of the first feature film.


Unlike its contemporaries, “Tron: O Legado” was shot from the start in 3D, instead of being converted to post-production. The equipment used, even, was part of a generation ahead of Avatar technology (2009).


Garrett Hedlund did well as protagonist Sam Flynn in the feature film, but the actor was not the first choice of Disney executives. Casey Affleck, Chris Pine, Ryan Gosling and Michael Stahl-David were also considered for the role.


The conclusion of the story of “Tron: The Legacy” would make way for a third film in the franchise. Kitsis and Horowitz were already writing the screenplay for a potential sequel, but Disney decided to invest in footage from the “ Star Wars ” franchise and the Marvel Saga because they presented better box office prospects. Ten years later, a new chapter in the saga is confirmed and actively developing.

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