Twilight of the Dead: George A. Romero’s final zombie storyline could come to life

According to THR, the latest zombie script written by master George A. Romero, titled “Twilight of the Dead,” can take off and come to life.

The filmmaker was developing the feature film before passing away in 2017.

The website claims the director’s wife Suzanne Romero worked with other writers on the script – and has a meeting with potential directors.

The story takes place in a decimated world. Life is gone, but there is still hope for humanity.

The original screenplay was written by Romero alongside Paolo Zelati, who is now working with Joe Knetter and Robert L. Lucas to finalize the project.

“I gave him my blessing as long as I went through the whole process to make sure the project stays true to George’s vision,” said Suzanne Romero. “We have a solid version of the concept and we start with the script. You could say that George would be happy to see this project continue. He wanted this to be his last zombie movie.

Romero’s original franchise includes the classics’ Night of the Living Dead ‘(1968),’ Rise of the Dead ‘(1978),’ Day of the Dead ‘(1985),’ The land of the dead ” (2005), ‘Diary’ dos Mortos’ (2007) and ‘Isle of the dead’ (2009).

The new film is described as a direct sequel to “Land of the Dead”.

“It’s no secret that ‘Diary of the Dead’ and ‘Isle of the Dead’ wasn’t how he envisioned the end of the series,” Zelati explained. “Twilight of the Dead” was meant to be his farewell to the genre he created and he wanted to end it with a powerful film. “

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