Universal announced the failure of the “dark universe” four years ago; Check!

Exactly four years ago, Universal Pictures announced the Dark Universe.

The Universe is said to have expressive continuity in theaters and bring back the classic tales of monsters explored at the turn of the last century – including “ The Bride of Frankenstein ” with Angelina Jolie attached in the lead role, a version of “ The Invisible. Man ‘with Johnny Depp and a possible continuation of’ The Mummy ‘with Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe (who played the dreaded Dr Jekyll in the feature film in question). However, all plans fell through and the Black Pantheon was suspended indefinitely.

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The “Dark Universe” would still feature new films from “Van Helsing”, “Dracula” and “Werewolf”, which have been redesigned.

Fortunately, Universal decided to rethink what it had in mind and reconnect everything in a different cinematic sphere than we would see – new stories and new characters that would be part of the monster canon. The first of them, “The Invisible Man” (with Elizabeth Moss), became a hit with audiences and critics. Even with the coronavirus crisis affecting theaters, “ The Invisible Man ” has managed to raise US $ 134 million globally, with a budget of just US $ 7 million.

The mummy: the president of Universal Pictures admits his failure

For this reason, CinePOP decided to create a simple story exploring the future of the dark universe on the big screen, from the most tangible project to the most utopian.


After the success of “ The Invisible Man, ” Universal Pictures returned excited about its dark universe and hired Blumhouse and will be performing a “ Dracula ” reboot.

The new project will be directed by Karyn Kusama, whose filmography includes “Infernal Girl” and “Aeon Flux”.

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Like “The Invisible Man,” the story will take place these days and will be a reinterpretation of the classic by Bram Stoker.

Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay, who had previously worked with Kusama in films like “The Weight of the Past,” write.

If the film comes to fruition, it would be part of the studio’s new approach to Universal’s Monsters, following the ill-fated introduction of “Dark Universe” in 2017 with “The Mummy.”

Universal Pictures has announced a new project with James Wan: it will be a monster movie with elements of “Frankenstein”.

Written by Robbie Thompson, executive producer of “Supernatural”, the film will show a group of teenagers who discover that their neighbor is building a monster out of pieces of a corpse. When the monster flees, terror rages.

According to THR, the plot will use classic elements from Monster Universe but bring a modern take on it.

James Wan will not direct, but will produce through his company Atomic Monster.

Based on the namesake novel by Mary Shelley, the story has already been adapted several times for the big screen: in 1930 Boris Karloff brought the infamous creature to life, and in 2012 the monster got a makeover with the animation “ Hotel Transylvania ”. Javier Bardem had been considered to play the main character in Universal’s first scheduled reboot, “ The Bride of Frankenstein, ” but the project didn’t move forward.

Universal Pictures has given the green light for a new film “ Werewolf ” (Wolfman), which will star Ryan Gosling.

Universal executives met with directors last month, and the frontrunner to take over is Cory Finle, who recently received rave reviews for directing the HBO drama ‘Bad Education’ starring Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney. .

The idea is that the plot takes place these days and has the imprint of the thriller ‘The Vulture’, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, with an obvious supernatural twist.

Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo of “Orange is the New Black” wrote the screenplay based on an original idea by Gosling.

Another interesting sign that the Dark Universe is changing is the fact that director and screenwriter Paul Feig was cited to create a project himself. The filmmaker, known for his work on “ Ghostbusters, ” is set to direct the feature film titled “ Dark Army, ” which promises to introduce new characters to the saga, in addition to delving deep into the chilling mythology introduced at 19th century.

Regardless, little information about the plot and the tech team has come to light.

When we talk about the dark universe of monsters, we automatically think of the illustrious presence of Dracula, one of the most famous characters in pop culture (who in recent months has won a new version for Netflix). However, it looks like we’ll have another vampire name on the big screen: the Renfield minion.

Dexter Fletcher will be sure to direct the film on the Earl’s right-hand man, and while little has been revealed, Robert Kirkman is known to have presented the first draft of a script, which aims to blend comedy and terror into the same in law.


Elizabeth Banks appears to be investing in her directorial career and recently presented her part of the dark universe with ‘The Invisible Woman’ – one of the most interesting projects in this new wave of horror productions.

According to the premise, the plot will be an unorthodox union between “ Thelma & Louise ” and “ American Psychopath ” – and, if the preceding film achieves considerable success at the box office and between audiences and critics, it will not be surprising if a crossover occurs with “The Invisible Man”. More than that, it may even be that Whanell’s feature already indicates what we can expect in the future.

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