Universal Pictures “leaves” Brazil to have its films distributed by Warner

After the announcement of the closure of the Ford plant in Brazil yesterday 11, another company “leaves” Brazil. Universal Pictures will have its films distributed by Warner Bros. on the national territory.

The CADE (Administrative Council for Economic Defense) approved the request for a “partnership” between Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures for distribution in Brazil.

The operation consists of a license that allows Warner to obtain the cinematographic rights of Universal films in Brazil.

Although the two companies together represent 22.2% of the market share of box office receipts, the agency itself stressed that the “partnership” does not impact decisions about production and / or performance. acquisition of rights to the films of the two companies and their correspondents is launched on the national market.

The next blockbuster to be released by Universal in Brazil is “ 007 – No Time to Die, ” which is set to debut on April 1 and may already have its debut performed by Warner Bros.

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An official statement should be published soon on the advice of the two distributors.

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