‘Unreasonable behavior’: Angelina Jolie to direct biopic on famous war photographer Don McCullin

According to Collider, Angelina Jolie is ready to get back behind the camera in her new directorial endeavor.

The actress and director will direct the biopic “Unreasonable Behavior,” whose story centers on British war photographer Don McCullin.

Tom Hardy (“Mad Max: Fury Road”, “Taboo”) enters as producer.

Based on McCullin’s autobiography, published in 1992 and updated in 2017, the film will tell the story of an artist who emerged from poverty-stricken London to capture moments from the world’s most dangerous war zones. . From the fall of the Berlin Wall to the civil war in Syria, McCullin risked his own life to immortalize footage of every major conflict he has witnessed throughout his life.

“I am honored to have the chance to present the life of Don McCullin in cinema. She was drawn to this unique combination of courage and humanity – his unwavering commitment to bear witness to the truth of war, his empathy and respect for those who suffer the consequences. We hope to make a film as uncompromising as the photography of Don, about the extraordinary people and events he has witnessed, and the rise and fall of a unique era in journalism, ”Jolie said in a statement. official.

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Jolie made her directorial debut in 2007 with the documentary “A Place in Time”, which premiered at the Tribeca Festival. Since then he has made several productions, including “Na Terra de Amor e Ódio” and, more recently, the drama “Primeiro Mataram meu Pai”. As an actress, she is known to star in several film franchises, including “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” and “Maleficent”. His latest projects include ‘O Grande Ivan’ and the upcoming ‘Eternos’, which are set to debut in 2021.

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