‘Venice’: the drama directed by Miguel Falabella has an official release date!

Imagem Filmes announced last Thursday (27) that ‘Veneza’, a drama directed by Miguel Falabella, has finally been released.

The production hits nationwide theaters on June 17, 2021.

Check out the trailer:

Falabella also signs the screenplay, based on the play ‘Venecia’, by Jorge Accame.

Criticism | Venice – Miguel Falabella emerges as the Brazilian Almodovar

Finding the only man she loved is the dream of Gringa (Carmen Maura), who owns a brothel inside Brazil. Even blind and very ill, she wants to grant her last wish: to go to Venice to ask forgiveness from her former lover, whom she abandoned decades ago. To take her to the Italian town, Tonho (Eduardo Moscovis), Rita (Dira Paes), Madalena (Carol Castro) and the other girls who work for Gringa come up with a fantastic plan.

Caio Manhente, Georgina Barbarossa, André Mattos, Danielle Winits, Camila Vives and others complete the cast.

Make sure to watch:

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