‘Venom 2’: Tom Holland’s Spider-Man set to appear in sequel, reporter says

According to journalist Daniel Richtman, whose behind-the-scenes information from Marvel is pretty accurate, Tom Holland is in negotiations to take part in the “ Venom: Time of Carnage ” sequel.

Although this has not been confirmed, the information makes sense, given that fans have been speculating on the introduction of the Neighborhood Buddy in the anti-hero franchise since the previously broken deal with Disney was renewed with new clauses. Will Venom be officially introduced to the Marvel Universe?

For now, treat the information only as a rumor.

Recently, a seasoned fan developed an amazing and terrifying trailer that features Tom Holland’s Spider-Man taking on the villain played by Woody Harrelson.

The material brings a nice edition, which joins scenes from the Teioso films, with some shots of the first “Venom”.

Discover the impressive result:

Recalling that the premiere of ‘Venom: Time of Carnage’ takes place on June 24, 2021, eight months after the original date (October 2, 2020).

Discover the national teaser:

Enjoy watching:

The sequel will bring back Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams as Brock / Venom and Anne Weying, respectively. Woody Harrelson will return as Carnage, while Naomie Harris will play villainous Shriek.

Introduced in the comics in 1993, Shriek is Carnage’s lover and is described as a crazed supervillain with psychic abilities and sound manipulation powers that make him the enemy of any symbiote. She first appeared as one of the patients of the Ravencroft Mental Institute, released by Carnage during her escape.

Andy Serkis is leading the sequence.

Make sure to watch:


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