Video review | Escape – ANGUSTIANTE, the suspense with Sarah Paulson is breathtaking

Editor-in-chief Renato Marafon brings the video review of the horror “Run”, starring Sarah Paulson.

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Criticism | Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen star in ‘Escape’, one of the year’s best thrillers

The feature film has already made its debut on international circuits and made a surprising big hit among critics.

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On Rotten Tomatoes, the feature has won 93% approval, scoring 7.30 / 10 based on 83 reviews to date. According to the German consensus, the film is “solidly played” and “constructed with wisdom”, becoming an “incredible thriller”.

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“Fragile and sleazy fun” – Entertainment Weekly.

“A perfectly dynamic, well-edited and agile thriller” – FilmWeek.

“Representation of people with disabilities is necessary, and ‘Escape’ is doing it the right way” – The Mary Sue.

“Quick and clean – the movie comes in, does its job, and goes before we can thank you” – The MacGuffin.

“Paulson’s performance is what helps turn this thriller into distorted entertainment” – Entertainment Voice.

The production is directed by Aneesh Chaganty, responsible for the thriller “Buscando …”.

The plot follows a teenage girl who has spent her entire life in isolation with her mother, discovers a terrible secret that had been hidden for many years. Is the daughter going crazy after all this time, or is the mother a psychopath?

Kiera Allen and Pat Healy round out the cast.

In addition to directing, Chaganty co-wrote the screenplay alongside Sev Ohanian.

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