Video review | ‘Rua do Medo – Part 3: 1666’ ends horror trilogy with a golden key

‘Rua do Medo: 1666’, the third installment of the trilogy which adapts the eponymous writings of legendary novelist RL Stine, is now available on Netflix and editor-in-chief Renato Marafon brings the review on video.

The third film of the saga manages to scare and close all the details!

Watch the review:

Revision | ‘Rua do Medo – Part 3: 1666’ satisfactorily concludes Netflix’s slasher trilogy

In the plot, the origins of Sarah Fier’s (Elizabeth Scopel) curse are finally revealed as the story unfolds, on a night that will change the life of Shadysiders forever.

On social media, the platform’s followers are praising the result because of the twists and turns, the thoughtful narrative, and for ending the story in a very satisfying way.

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Some even said the film managed to exceed their expectations and was declared the best of the trilogy, in addition to leaving a taste of “I want more”.

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1666 Fear Street exceeded all my expectations, I am amazed at this perfection pic.twitter.com/iiaOO8HMkk

– Isa (@_just_isa) July 16, 2021

Rua do medo 1666 gave everything to close the trilogy because a magnificent cast with a wonderful story # fearstreet1666 pic.twitter.com/meQMcIapMk

– rd_y (@portoronald_) July 16, 2021

I say calmly enough that this film is the best of the triology!

street of fear 1666
fear street 1666 pic.twitter.com/k3emZfQ0Mx

– Riverdale_fan_clube2020 (@ riverdale600) July 16, 2021

The most interesting thing about Fear Street 1666 – Rua do Medo 1666 is that it is always sad to see that a person’s happiness is always seen as an aberration, and to be happy you have to live in secret. Sarah Proud deserved to be happy and ended up being wronged. # fearstreet1666 pic.twitter.com/3RA3SIjNhO

– Henrique (@henrxwque) July 16, 2021

Okay, but in the scene where Sarah’s friends dug her up and gave her a decent funeral, and they also wrote on the stone “the witch lives forever”, I wanted to cry until I can’t take it anymore # FearStreet1666
Street of Fear 1666 pic.twitter.com/GKbhBcjedn

– || #YoungRoyals (@ Mxrcyz1) July 17, 2021

I just finished the street scared 1666 and dude, sarah and sam are the true meaning of “maybe in another life i will be your girlfriend” HOW BEAUTIFUL IT WILL BE
and like, there has to be a sequel, watch how the movie ended the

– Augustinho calmed the piauí rattlesnake (@_diriguijow_) July 16, 2021

Definitely afraid 1666 street is the best

– amanda ⊬ supremacy cazzie (@trikrugriffin) July 17, 2021

I finished the street of fear 1666 agr small, and bro… now everything makes sense

– joy | VINNIE WINNER (@lee_Tavares_) July 17, 2021

I started watching street scare 1666 hoping to be scared and ended up crying most of the movie

– at (@afraidyouth) July 17, 2021

and at the end of the rua do medo 1666 which plays at the oasis, this trilogy is the best of the year

– Magneto dA xoralixo (@meninomagnum) July 17, 2021

Street of Fear: 1666 = Perfection Thanks for everything Netflix pic.twitter.com/Vk89RdMKS6

– vinicius✨ (@ 1viniciusramos) July 17, 2021

street of fear 1666 is a fucked up movie its plot left me in shock the full trilogy is amazing i loved it

– bia (@poemsours) July 17, 2021

I have now finished Rua do Medo: 1666, this last chapter was crazy, sensational. I want more

– Amaral💢 (@Geilsonamaral) July 17, 2021

Rua scare people: 1666 is better than order

– Coryza Show: 25 pretty sneezes (@hiwatari_kun) July 17, 2021

A last film noir which in the end illuminates while completing all the ends. Rua do fear 1666 ends this wonderful horror trilogy with a golden key. I repeat: movies based on RL Stine’s books have never disappointed me. # ruadofear1666

– Babingthon Goth 💀👻 (@babingthons) July 17, 2021

Watch the trailer:

The cast consists of Gillian Jacobs, Sadie Sink, Ashley Zuckerman, Fred Hechinger, Jeremy Ford, Julia Rehwald, Kiana Madeira, Olivia Welch and Ryan Simpkins.

“Rua do Medo” is a teen horror book series that began in 1989. The novels are less well known than the compiled predecessor, “Goosebumps”. The franchise currently has 52 pounds in Shadyside, Ohio.

Kate Trefry (‘Stranger Things’) is also linked to the productions.

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