“Voorhees”: Friday the 13th wins a feature film directed by fans; Check out!

Via Youtube, Wet Paint Pictures shared the feature film “Vorhees”, a film made by fans to contribute to the “Friday the 13th” franchise.

The film was made with a crowdfunding of $ 13,000, allowing the editing team to recreate effects similar to those of the first films of the saga.

Written by Chris Plaushin and Cody Faulk, who is also a director, the plot follows a gang of bank robbers and their two hostages as they take refuge in the Crystal Lake camp. Without them realizing it, Jason Voorhees begins chasing them, trying to kill one by one.


Recalling that, unfortunately, franchise rights face a torturous legal battle.

Writer Victor Miller and director Sean S. Cunningham, responsible for the original film, have been fighting for years to control everything related to the saga.

For this reason, the last film in the franchise was released in 2009 and starred Jared Padalecki.

Despite efforts to revive the franchise, the film was a failure, registering a 26% approval on Rotten Tomatoes and only grossing $ 90 million at the global box office.

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