‘Walker’: reboot with Jared Padalecki has BEST CW debut since 2016

The ‘Walker’ reboot, starring Jared Padalecki (‘Supernatural’), debuted yesterday (21) and broke audience records on The CW.

The first episode of the series was watched by 2.43 million viewers, which represents the highest audience for a new production on the channel since the release of “ Legends of Tomorrow ” in 2016.

Additionally, considering the premiere of veterans and newcomers, the series has also had the best performance since the premiere of season four of “ The Flash ” in 2017.

Created by Anna Fricke, the series is a reboot of “Walker, Texas Ranger” (1993-2001).

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The plot follows Cordell, a man who finds his way back to his family while investigating crimes committed in the state’s elite unit. A widower with two children, he returns home to Austin, Texas, after spending years in a very dangerous secret case. With his new partner, one of the only women in Ranger history, Walker will face new challenges and, together, must become the heroes Texas so badly needed in the contemporary world.

The cast also includes Lindsey Morgan, Violet Brinson, Kale Culley, Jeff Pierre, Cobu Bell, Mitch Pileggi and Keegan Allen.

Geneviève Padalecki, Jared’s wife, will be his fictional companion and will give life to Emily, the late wife of Cordell Walker who will appear in important flashbacks.

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