‘WandaVision’: Evan Peters Mercury apparently confirmed in series

Evan Peters has been said to be reprising his role as Pietro Maximoff / Mercury in “WandaVision” for some time, and it looks like his participation has indeed been confirmed.

In his Twitter profile, Rodri Martin, voice actor of Peters in the Spanish version of ‘X-Men’, confirmed that he will be voicing the star in an episode of the Disney + series.

What is curious is that he deleted the post after realizing that he had disclosed the information in advance.

In legend, Martin underlines that this is the first series in which he will have the privilege of doubling again Peters as Pietro.

In other words, it looks like “WandaVision” has to plant the seeds of the Multiverse of Madness already ahead of schedule.

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“Evan Peters’ Mercury in“ Wandavision ”. The star’s Spanish voice actor Rodri Martin has confirmed he is returning to portray the character of Pietro Maximoff in the series. After this error, he deleted his status on Twitter and Instagram. “


Evan Peters’ Spanish actor Rodri Martin has confirmed he’s back to voice Pietro Maximoff in #Wandavision! 😱

Because of this error, it was on Twitter and Instagram pic.twitter.com/iSZipdion9

– Coleccineando (@ Coleccineando1) January 18, 2021

Recalling that ‘Wandavision’ is already the highest rated production in the MCU, winning the highest rating in the Rotten Tomatoes aggregator, with 97% approval on the portal, in addition to the seal of quality certification.

With this new percentage, the series managed to surpass the “Black Panther” brand, which until then had the highest rating, with 96% approval.

Of the 126 expert review ratings present in the aggregator, only eight were rated negative.

The first two episodes of the production are now available on Disney +.

“WandaVision” mixes classic sitcom style with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the series, Wanda Maximoff and Visão – two super powerful beings living their suburban dream – begin to suspect that nothing is what it appears to be.

The series is directed by Matt Shakman (“Game of Thrones”) and stars Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Teyonah Parris and Kathryn Hahn.

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