“WandaVision”: Post-credits scene changed to add Doctor Strange? Understand!

At the end of the ‘WandaVision’ series, we see the character Wanda in an old abandoned house, where she will spend her days studying and improving her powers.

The post-credits scene has undergone a few changes months after its March release, gaining new music and some weird movement in the booth-centric scene.

What caught my eye was a mysterious shadow appearing in the trees as the Doctor Strange theme song plays.

Some fans believe the scene added the character of Benedict Cumberbatch coming down the mountain.

Something has really changed, and the glow / shadow descends from the mountains as Wanda enters the cabin.

Do you think it was an editing error or did they actually add the character?

Check and compare:

BTW for those who haven’t seen it. There is a silhouette. But on closer inspection, does it appear to be a view across the landscape before the change? It is definitely a silhouette of someone pic.twitter.com/wD6WKdMDex

– Chris (@_twentyy_) June 28, 2021

Recalling that Walt Disney and Marvel have chosen to submit the production to the Emmy Awards as a mini-series / limited series and not as a drama series. The decision reinforces the premise that Wanda’s journey to the small screen has indeed been over.

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