WandaVision | The subtleties of episode six mark the beginning of the end


If you haven’t watched the sixth episode of WandaVision, then don’t read this article to avoid spoilers.

The sixth episode of WandaVision has finally arrived. The expectations created for the weekly episodes were incredible, but in the case of this episode, the excitement was even greater, since the Halloween scenes were the most discussed since the first trailer. Heavily influenced by Modern Family and The Office, with the Right to Break the Fourth Wall and all, today’s chapter most likely served to end some fan theory and foster some equally crazy new theories. However, what really caught the eye was the traditional commercial that aired in the middle of the series. It is not exaggerated to quote the sentence of Agnes in the second episode, because in reality: “the devil is in the details”.

Starting with the visuals. Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen), Vision (Paul Bettany), Pietro (Evan Peters) and the children appear with their comic book appearance. It was a very clever way to insert those Easter Eggs for fans because, let’s face it, no one would take the characters seriously if they were going to take on Thanos (Josh Brolin) dressed like this. However, it is interesting to notice the fantasy of the luxury assistant, Agnes (Kathryn Hahn). The most famous theory in the series points out that she is actually the former witch Agatha Harkness, Wanda’s mentor in the comics. And what is Agnes’ fantasy in the episode where the characters wear their clothes faithful to the character of the comic book? Exactly, witch clothes. I believe now he’s just waiting for the revelation.

Another interesting point these Halloween costumes bring is the revelation of Billy and Tommy Maximoff’s true personalities, who in addition to appearing dressed as Wiccano and Celeste, still show their powers for the first time in the series. As Billy feels his father’s death, just as Wanda felt his brother’s death in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Tommy was able to break the speed of sound, just like Uncle Pietro.

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Another legal reference can be found precisely in the Westview Cinema, which shows Operation Cupid – that afternoon classic in which Lindsay Lohan plays twins divorced by their parents, who find out they are twins and attempt to get their father back with their mother. – and The Incredibles, one of Pixar’s most beloved movies that has become one of the most famous memes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was there in 2015, when Wanda and Pietro (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) made their debut in The Age of Ultron and Agent Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) described them to Captain America (Chris Evans) as “he is fast and she is weird “. Fans quickly linked the two to Pixar animation brothers Flecha and Violeta.

Leaving the references aside, the series reaches an interesting point for the future of the MCU. Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) suggests they go back to “Hex” to try and help Wanda achieve what she was doing. Only Dr. Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) says it’s not a good idea because the Avenger’s energy has rewritten the agent’s DNA twice. As well as indicating that Monica is getting closer and closer to her consolidation as a Photon superheroine, this quote from Darcy is important because it indicates that the DNA of those “kidnapped” in Westview is affected by energy. chaos. As seen in Monica Rambeau’s reviews, this energy causes mutations in her body. Wanda, energy, mutations, “Disney bought Fox” … there’s this rumor that the young avenger could be responsible for bringing mutants to the MCU. Will the series further confirm this fan theory?

Another central point of the episode is precisely the arrival of Pietro (Evan Peters), which caused a lot of confusion in the head of Wanda, who has a flashback to the death of “the other” Pietro (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), contradictory to the new image of the brother. He seems to be aware of everything that is going on there, so much so that he defends the creation of this new reality by his sister – something that no one had definitely assumed until then – wonders about the how his powers were to ‘give nightmares and throw energy by the hand’ to the manipulation of reality, their parents recalled twice in the episode – Marvel usually doesn’t quote for nothing – and knows that Visão is dead. It’s a level of consciousness far beyond what other characters seem to have of what they’re going through. The only one who approached it was Agnes. This raises the ball for another very interesting theory, in which Evan Peters’ character is said to be the demon Mephisto himself disguised as Pietro from the X-Men, assuming this appearance only to further disrupt Wanda’s troubled mind. Another point that seems to help this theory is that he says the boys, Billy and Tommy, are “the devil himself”. In the comics, the Wanda twins are actually fragments of Mephisto’s soul.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Evan Peters acted together in Kick-Ass: Breaking Everything.

A fun reference that will pass for anyone watching the dubbed episode is that while Wanda looks confused about her brother’s new appearance, he uses “Kick-Ass” slang, something like “Angry,” and causes even greater confusion in Avenger. That’s because Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Evan Peters acted together in Kick-Ass: Breaking Everything, an indie comedy adaptation that was very successful in 2010. When the two actors were cast to play Mercury, in 2014 / 15, this image above was shared until exhaustion on social media, mainly because the hero’s special power is super speed, so people joked that he was so fast that he could take a ride with himself.

It looks like director Tyler Hayward’s (Josh Stamberg) good-boy position didn’t last long. We commented earlier that there is a group of fans who believe he is actually a relative of the villainous Brian Hayward (Paul Lacovara) from Agents of SHIELD who turned out to be an agent of HYDRA, the Nazis. from Marvel. According to them, the character’s meanness would give Monica the chance to take control of the SWORD once and for all. With today’s episode, in which we know he is hiding several things from the team, it seems that this theory is gaining strength, mainly because we have the first conflicts between Hayward and Rambeau, with him claiming the agent would tend to stand up for superhumans, even citing the Rambeau family’s relationship with Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel (Brie Larson).

Finally, the traditional commercial that aired in the “break” episodes seems to have stopped talking about Wanda’s past and has finally given clues to the character’s present or even the future. The product of the time was an invigorating yogurt. The ad features a child feeling lonely, lost, sad and isolated on an island. Then a fresh shark comes out of the sea and delivers a YO-MAGIC jar (which can be translated as “your magic”) to the child, who creates hope, but cannot open the jar and ends up dying. anxiety, hunger and frustration. Looking coldly, Wanda’s story so far closely resembles that of the child who, approached by a predator, blindly goes towards the promise of happiness and fulfillment, and ends up losing track of time and life. space, resulting in his death. It may indicate that, yes, Wanda is being manipulated by someone taller than her. And which character presented in the series thus stripped the shark? I can only think of two: Agnès and Pietro. Were the fans right from the start when they said these two would become Agatha Harkness and Mephisto? Either way, the series will end in three weeks, and the answers to these questions are getting closer and closer to us. And as the episode ended with an “expanding universe” created by Wanda and taking more and more space and threatening to assume ever greater proportions, Monica Rambeau’s special touch must be someone with notions of time, space, magic and different realities. I bet especially on this guy over there.

With the end of the series, the appearance of Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) seems imminent.

New episodes of WandaVision open every Friday at Disney +.

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