Warner has put ‘Joker’ villainous film ‘Bane’ on shelves

According to The Wrap reporter Umberto Gonzalez, Warner Bros. was thrilled with the success of “Joker,” the villain’s solo film that surpassed the billion dollar box office mark, and began planning solo films by other villains.

Studio executives came up with an idea for Bane’s solo film, focused on the comic book “Bane’s Revenge”, which would follow the molds of “Joker”.

The project, however, was shelved by Warner Bros.

The reason? The studio plans to use the villain in the “ The Batman ” franchise, directed by Matt Reeves.

Bane was played by Tom Hardy in “The Dark Knight Rises”, and his first theatrical appearance was in “Batman & Robin”.

Todd Phillips recently revealed that he isn’t ruling out the possibility of a ‘Joker’ sequel, as long as Joaquin Phoenix gets back to the project:

“I would do anything with Joaquin, any day of the week. There is no one like him. If he was willing to do it, if people wanted to watch him, and if Warner would come and say, “You know what? If you could think of something… “Well, I have a feeling he and I could think of something really cool.”

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