Watch Tom Holland’s Test for Living Spider-Man

Spider-Man was introduced to the MCU in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and many fans remain curious to see Tom Holland’s auditions as he played for the role.

Come to think of it, a YouTube channel posted scenes of the star replaying his lines and acting with Chris Evans while replicating the iconic fight between Cabeça de Teia and Captain America.


One of the movie’s most memorable moments is when Spider-Man takes inspiration from “ Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back ” to create a strategy to take down the giant Ant-Man (Paul Rudd).

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However, Holland shocked fans after admitting he had never seen the classic film.

And, during an interview with Kevin McCarthy, directors Anthony and Joe Russo revealed that they insisted the star start watching classic movies.

“This ‘Captain America: Civil War’ scene has thrilled many fans. Before showing it to Tom, we thought he was going to panic and jump into the animation, but he hadn’t watched any of the movies in the saga. [‘Star Wars‘]. Joe laughed. “We were a bit disappointed! But Tom is very young and the film is almost twice his age. Despite this, we insisted he start watching classic movies and almost forced him to watch Pizza Film School.

For those who do not know, Pizza Film School is a series of lives directed by the Russo brothers, in which they discuss several classic films and the best pizza places in the USA.

As Holland ventures into the world of cinema, it’s worth remembering that recordings for ‘Spider-Man 3’ are already underway.

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