‘Waterworld – Le Secret des Eaux’ will become a series!

According to Collider, Universal Television is developing a series based on the film “Waterworld – The Secret of the Waters”.

The site claims that a major streaming service is interested in the project, but which has not been revealed.

John Davis, the film’s original producer, will also serve as producer on the adaptation.

Dan Trachtenberg, of ’10 Cloverfield Street ‘, will be in charge of the staging.

New information should be published soon.

Starring Kevin Costner, the original feature film is set in a post-apocalyptic future in which almost the entire planet is covered in water due to global warming. In this context, an amphibious being lives by exchanging all that is possible, including pure land and, after being unjustly imprisoned, is freed by a merchant who asks him to take him and with them a girl, who has the card on the back. , the only place with solid ground. But a gang leader decides to hunt them down, because he also wants to find this place.

Released in 1995 and dividing critics’ opinions, the film was considered a box office failure, grossing $ 264.2 million – on a gigantic budget of $ 175 million.

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